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The young, handsome and wealthy present day Scottish 14th Duke of Macgrory, Marshal Blackwood falls in love with his European business manager's fragile wife during a two month stay with the couple. He discovers her husband beats her, gambles and is in severe debt. In his last poker game he lost the house and his wife to a violent London crime gang leader as though she were a possession for sale. The Duke finds himself fiercely protective of Angelica who naively does not believe what her husband has done and decides to stand by him. Marshal takes matters in to his own hands by kidnapping Angelica and keeping her locked away for the sake of her safety in his family seat, Lochabar Castle in Scotland.

Angelica finds her kidnapper to be very paternal and determined in regressing her back to being a child so he can ascertain what it is in her past that keeps her loyal to her abusive husband. Referring to her as his little princess, Angelica finds herself having to call him Daddy in an age-play role. Angelica is confused when she finds herself taking a liking to the role she is made to play, and the warm reassurance Marshal's paternal protection affords her.

But when he probes deep into her violent past, she is at pains to hide it. This prompts Marshal to administer a series of hard bare bottom spankings and then to diaper her sore bottom. He also ensures she receives an intimate medical examination in front of him because she refuses to eat. Angelica quickly learns the younger man she is helplessly falling for means to wield his sexy dominant aristocratic power over her to keep her safe from the crime gang leader who hunts her and her own destructive tendencies. There is no choice but to surrender and become his little princess unconditionally.

Publisher's Note: This rerelease is a fantasy age play and medical play spanking romance. If this content offends you, please do not buy this book.



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Published 05 August 2020
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Arabella Kingsley Little Princess
eBook ISBN: 978-1-62750-3754 v2
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Mt the gaze of his European business manager’s beautiful, intelligent wife and arshal Blackwood, the handsome dark-haired 14th Duk e of Macgrory, Scotland, caugh held it captive. With her long, blonde hair curling seductively around her neck and over her shoulders, stretching to her tantalising low-cut pi nk dress, she looked just like a sugar princess. Briefly, he wondered if she could see the mirror image of his thoughts through his blue eyes -- that of her bare-bottomed over his knee, her princess hair brushing against his legs and feet as she received the spanking of her life in front of everyone in the restaurant in which they now sat. Angelica Walker was a talented and successful mystery author, who was clearly worth more than her lack-luster husband sitting next to her pretty little backside. Even though Nigel Walker was paid one hell of a salary by Marshal’s international communications company, his delectable wife was internationally renowned for her novels, many of them made into films. Her fortune would be enough to rival Marshal’s own. Her beauty would ensure she could have any man she desired, yet she remained married to a man who cheated on her and verbally abused her. Despite her admirable effort to ignore her husband’s nasty insults, Marshal could still see how much they hurt her feelings. Why did she stay with Nigel Walker? Was it out of fear or habit? The man obviously held some control over the woman the way she bowed and cooed around him. It was sickening. All Marshal wanted to do was to pick her up, throw her over his shoulder and carry her out of the restaurant and Nigel’s life. A titled, fierce, extremely wealthy (and some said ruthless) businessman, Marshal Blackwood had once felt the same way about a woman in similar circumstances. His failure to help her free herself from her situation ended in her murder at the hands of her husband. And there was no way in hell he was going to let that happen to Angelica. Angelica’s coyness was attractive yet he could sense the heart of a tigress and a fiery desire to be tamed. But her constant self-defeating nature, the way she cowered when Nigel was around and her willingness to bend to her husband’s emotional blackmail and control, made Marshal ache to spank the beautiful princess’s bottom soundly and then cuddle her like a child. She was a child in his eyes, a bruised one in need of nurturing and guidance. The woman aroused every protective instinct he possessed. Marshal wanted her free from her ties to Nigel Walker and bound to him. Marshal was staying with the Walkers while he condu cted business in London, and tonight was their last night together. Marshal intended to take action. He’d confronted Angelica, offered her help, but she had declined, making excuses for her husband, who had called her a bitch and a whore, an idiot and a slut, just barely out of Marshal’s hearing. He was stressed. It was her fault for riling him. It was more than clear that it wasn’t the first time Nigel had used words to batter her self-esteem. She’d pleaded and almost begged Marshal not to confront Nigel. He wasn’t a bad man.