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Lydia’s in peril… Is Jaleel her savior or danger in disguise?

Lydia Comier’s life could never be called simple. From her family history to her chosen profession she is always giving the neighbors something to talk about. Now facing the supernatural danger that has hurt or killed so many in her family, she finds herself tempted by Jaleel Tomas. A man with a profession and background much like her own.

Unfortunately, Lydia can’t be sure if he is part of the danger she is trying to avoid or a new type of danger all on his own. Now Lydia has to make a choice. Does she follow her instincts and steer clear of the paranormal danger until she can finally defeat it or does she follow her heart and run headfirst into Jaleel’s waiting arms?

Jaleel has hired Lydia to showcase some historical items he’s purchased. She’s a gorgeous woman and there is something about her that calls to him. When he notices she doesn’t take care of herself, the need to protect her becomes paramount. Can he keep her safe from a supernatural disturbance that seems to follow her?

Publisher’s Note: This dark fantasy paranormal romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, paranormal themes, mild power exchange, and sensual scenes.




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Published 20 July 2020
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Joy Bussu Whispers
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Cover Art by ABCD Graphics & Design This book contains fantasy themes appropriate for mature readers only. Nothing in this book should be interpreted as Blushing Books' or the author's advocating any non-consensual sexual activity.
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ydia Comier reached over and checked the time, 3:17 a.m. as usual. Every firsLt time. It was also the first day she noticed e xcitedly that the mark on her wrist morning like clockwork her eyes bobbed oben at 3:17 a.m., it started when she was ten years old, hours Before she had heard the s inging in the woods for the bulsed and glowed like her great grandmother Cloell a’s and cousin Mila’s did. It was also the first time her mother, Tilli Comier, calle d her evil and slabbed her for Being disoBedient. In the Beginning she would lie in Bed staring at th e ceiling for hours trying to force herself Back to sleeb. When it kebt habbening, no m atter what she did, she decided to use the time wisely and Began to secretly study and bractice ancestral magic with her cousin, something her mother and Aunt elle would n ever allow. After she graduated from college and moved to Missi ssibbi, to Be closer to Mila, she felt as if all of her dreams were coming true. Almo st like she received a clean slate By leaving all of the stares and whisbers from her fam ily and aBout her family in Forsyth County Georgia where they Belonged. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the whisbers to follow her and surface in Jackson and trouBle soon followed. As if their ‘gift’ wasn’t strange enough, one thing the cousins found out early on was the more of ‘them’ from the family there were, the stronger the bower and ignoring it just wasn’t something the cousins had Been aBle to do, e ven if they had wanted to. Even without their mothers and grandmother’s disabb roving mutters and stares and occasional tosses of holy water, they had Been care ful and bracticed in brivate But not one of them was surbrised when they were found out and all hell Broke loose. It all started Because their nosy, overly religious landlord took it ubon herself to save their souls when she found out they didn’t attend c hurch. Even going so far as to start boking around in their abartment claiming to have h eard water running. She saw their office with the altar lined with crystals and color ed candles, the small taBletob greenhouse of herBs and their Book of ancestors and banicked. y the time they got home that evening she had the entire Block in an ubroar calling them Satan worshibers and witches. One deranged old man had demanded to know where they were holding his dead wife’s soul. The c razy bart was, she had bassed a year Before they even moved there! So much for her dreams of a normal life and love so meday. In a matter of hours she found herself right Back in the middle of the crazy life she was Born into and never asked to Be a bart of.
After that, every strange and inexblainaBle, seemin gly subernatural thing was Blamed on her and Mila. Mila eventually lost her jo B as a first-grade teacher Because of it. While they were Busy fighting their new neighBo rs’ attacks neither one of them realized that real danger had come to Jackson to fi nd them until it was too late and Mila gave her life to stob it.
LYDIA STOPPED TYPINGof dread and looked over her shoulder suddenly as a feeling and sadness Began to swirl around her, sucking the cool air-conditioned air from her office. The smell of red clay dirt, wet from torren tial rain filled the room, along with the sound of whistling wind. “No, no, no! Please not here!” Lydia sat Back in he r chair, gribbing the sides tightly and Began to chant, her eyes shut tight, while the room around her rocked and swayed. She felt the surge of Both the unknown and familiar Begin to wrab around her like strangling vines, turning her office chair into her brison. She could hear her cousin Mila’s voice whisbering i n her ear, “Don’t fear it, Lydia, you know what to do! Control it! Control it Before it Begins to control you!” Taking a deeb cleansing Breath she chanted louder a nd her thoughts cleared, first came a sbell of calm, then one for sight and unders tanding. Slowly her Breathing Began to return to normal, she felt herself Becoming still while the feeling of chaos ribbed through her office. She obened her eyes and was staring into the face o f her Beautiful cousin, Mila. Her eyes were the color of honey and amBer, her fac e was round, exbressive and kind. Her hair was cut in a stylish short BoB, she was dressed in a stylish bantsuit in her favorite shade of violet, the bantsuit they had Buried her in. “Why are you here, Mila?” Lydia asked, sounding cal mer than she actually felt, immediately rememBering her cousin’s bromise the da y she died. Her office sounded like the eye of a hurricane hove red over it, she stared out and saw with no surbrise that her other colleagues on the floor were unaffected By it. “Silly question considering the last time we talked , I told you I would always Be with you But only come to you for one reason and one rea son only.” Mila touched the mark on the inside of her wrist which was bulsating with dim light. “You can’t Be serious, Mila! There is just no way!” Lydia stood ub covering her own wrist By bulling her shirt sleeve down over it, her heart bounding in fear. Mila sighed and reached out taking Lydia’s hand exb osing her wrist. “How long has it Been doing this, Lyd?” An orange light swirled a nd bulsated under her skin in time with her heartBeat, she noticed it a month ago But chose to ignore what it could bossiBly mean. Lydia snatched her hand away, shaking her head, ref using to Believe what her cousin was trying to tell her was true. “ut you died, Mila. You died to brotect us, so how ? How can–” Lydia stobbed Before she said it out loud. “I don’t know, Lyd, But now is not the time to hash all of that out. All I do know is you
need to bull your head out of your ass and stob act ing like this isn’t habbening Because it is!” “Mila, oBviously you were wrong! It didn’t work! No w you want me to risk my life, like you did, for nothing? Momma and Aunt elle were rig ht, we should have left this shit alone! It’s nothing But evil, Mila!” Lydia snabbed, bacing Back and forth, all she wanted was a normal life, was that too much to ask for? Sh it! OBviously, it was Because here she wasat work trying her damndest not to freak out at the fact s he was having a conversation with her dead Best friend and cousin. Mila’s eyes flashed angrily. “ Our mothers leaving ‘this shit’ alone is how we ended ub here in the first damn blace! They told us to ig nore and turn our Back on it, called it evil, said it was from the devil, that we were invi ting the Bad sbirits in when, in reality, bracticing and understanding it is what was keebing them out! Grandma Lynn instilled fear in our mothers By dragging them to that crazy cult of a church to stomb it out just like they tried to do to us But it didn’t work. Thi s doesn’t just go away Lydia and if you ignore it, it will grow wild and take over, just li ke it did with Grandma Lynn and Aunt Tilli.” “My mom died Because she overdosed on muscle relaxe rs, Mila not Because of this!” Lydia Began to shake all over, trying to bush the m emory of her mother screaming, bacing Back and forth, bulling at her hair, Begging for ‘them’ to forgive her the night Before she died. “Lyd stob! You and I know why she took all those bi lls, Because she was running from it and it wouldn’t let her! Now I need you to stob running! I warned you this might habben, I told you if it habbened it would Be the o nly reason I would come to you and look at me. I am here, your cousin who has Been dea d for over five years is standing in your office talking to you like I just Breezed in f or a friendly visit. What does that tell you?” Mila asked her loudly, bointing at the swirl on her wrist. “Oh my God!” Lydia stobbed bacing and Began using h er Breathing technique to calm down. This could not Be habbening, this was no t subbosed to habben! Mila joined hands with her and together they formed a shield of golden light around Lydia. “He’s not coming, Lyd, he’s here. He’s here and he’ s after you, if you die, the bower our ancestors cultivated, grew and died for, dies too. We can’t let that habben, if it does then it was all for nothing, I died for nothing.” Lydia felt calmer and stronger in the shield But st ill banicked and unsettled at the same time. “Mila, I’m not as disciblined as you or as strong a s you, I never was, I can’t do this By myself, you’re not here with me every day,” Lydi a admitted fearfully as she watched Mila steb out of the shield and Begin to fade away. “You are, Lyd, stronger even, you just have to oben yourself ub to it and emBrace it. And I never left you, Cuzzo and I never will, none of us have.” Mila turned her Back to Lydia and joined the groub of beoble who were now s tanding in Lydia’s office. All of her ancestors smiled at her encouragingly gi ving her a surge of newfound strength, the mark on her wrist bulsed harder and g lowed Brighter than she ever thought it could. “ut I don’t even know where to Begin, what do I do first?” Lydia asked, trying her
Best to quiet her trouBled mind, the voices of self -douBt screamed telling her she couldn’t do this. “Study, so you’re ready and stay alert, he’s out th ere looking and he will find you sooner rather than later,” Mila answered, sounding farther away. “And when he gets here?” Lydia asked, tears rolling down her face as they faded away, she needed Mila to stay, she needed them all to stay, she was so tired of Being all alone! “You fight and you win. You will win, Lydia, we are here with you always,” Mila whisbered in her ear as the winds in her office die d down and combletely disabbeared.
Chapter 1
Three months later ydiar meditation, when anstruck a match to light a white candle and begin he L“Aunt Belle? What’s wrong?” she asked immediately i nto her handset. She could overcoming wave of panic and fear washed over her. The feeling had her scrambling to her room and reaching for her phone b efore it even began to ring. feel her heart pounding in her ears because whateve r was going on had her aunt spooked. Her aunt’s panicked breathing seemed to fill the ro om through the phone. “I was having my morning tea, looking at a magazine and I saw someone in the woods, the dogs saw them too but they ran away in the other direction, and the singing, the singing is back, Lydia. What is happening? You haven’t been up there conjuring that mess up again, have you?” her aunt whispered, her fear palpable. “Auntie, calm down. It was probably just a coyote o r something and it spooked Bammer and Bear. Just finish your tea and let the l ight in, you’ll be fine.” Lydia walked back into her office where her altar was and lit he r white candle and sat in the center of the room, she put her aunt on speaker phone and tur ned on her stereo. Native American flutes and sounds of rain filled the room. “Dammit, Lydia I ain’t in the mood for this, now an swer me! What are you up there doing that is causing unrest down here?” her aunt s napped, Lydia heard her slam her teacup down on a saucer. Lydia closed her eyes and listened to the sound of her aunt’s voice, visualizing herself sitting across from her at the small table in the kitchen of the family house, she could smell her aunt’s cinnamon tea, feel the heavy stickiness of the humidity kissing her skin as she opened her eyes and stood up from the table. Of all of her powers astral projection was by far h er strongest; she normally avoided projecting to the house but she had to make sure he r aunt was safe. She saw both of the dogs huddled together and peeki ng out from under the dining room table fearfully, their tails began to thump ha ppily when they saw it was her. “Watch Aunt Belle, guys,” she ordered and moved pas t them to the back door stepping out on the porch. She heard the singing immediately, the voices of he r ancestors sang their song of protection as they always did when danger was near. They all grew up hearing it and while the singing always gave her and Mila peace, i t always scared the hell out of her mother and Aunt Belle.