Aritz : The Konssos legacy - 2

Aritz : The Konssos legacy - 2


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The comic is about three friends caught up in crazy events surrounding the attempt to dictatorially reinstate the former minoic kingdom through chaos and terror. Labyrinths and minotaurs populate the story. A mythological element is present in the same. At the same time we are presented with a general outline of current Cretan culture-the way of life, consumption habits, popular festivals,…all this together gives rise to a complex and absorbing plot into which the transfixed reader doesn’t care about abandoning himself - just as our heroes lose themselves in the labyrinth of the anti hero, Mustoyoryi. The pages exude a scent of Homer and other Hellenic authors. This epic fantasy evokes Homer’s Odyssey and so many other ancient stories, which serve to rejuvenate us and to motivate us to search through the leaves of those old books which have so fed the imagination of humanity.



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Published 01 January 2011
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don’t trust the new pilgrims that come from beyond the aegean. in them you’ll encounter your enemy.
should i perhaps fear a few foreigners? where are they at present?
useless! oaf! lunatic! saracen!
oh sybil! o, great heavenly architect! here i am at your command, ready to obey your verdict. what boons do you bring to my project?
in the sea, loyal servant, in the sea.
in the sea.
are you a pillock, or what, joxé? how did you manage to crash the boat against the only corral reef in the whole of the sea?
it’s because… the captain told me i could be at the rudder.
well, it’s very easy eider: we let oursel ves get dragged by the current until we get to the crete coast.
haven’t you con sidered that the current could take us further out to sea, idiot!
well, i’m on my way back, so it won’t be any trouble to take you back to the coast…
well, it could be said that this is some accident…
and how are we going to leave?
take it easy folks; we’re certain to find a way to get saved.
eider’s right joxé. this time you’ve messed up.
might i ask what some tourists are doing adrift?
hello. and many thanks for helping us.
the accident was bringing you with us joxé.
because you’ve spent half the trip asking him to let you do it!
i think the best way to avoid problems is to leave everything to joxé heh!
that deserves another blow to the head!
aritz, defend me a bit!
no violence at sea!
a fishing boat! we’re saved!
when i saw you i was worried, you know? after the latest di sappearances.
disappearan ces?
some weeks ago, seven tourists disappeared from the island. we’re all worried.
besides, we are in a time of drought. it hasn’t rained for four months and we’re getting a bit edgy.
at last, land! no more drifting about on the sea!
i under stand…
listen, thanks a million. i don’t know what we’d have done without your help.
probably you’d have ended up drowning your friend, yeah, yeah...
land ahoy! landahoy!
what’s the matter with him?
nothing, leave him…
are you crazy? stop rocking the boat!
you already knew we were heading towards land, air head!
oh no!
what’s the matter now?
tourism is very important in crete.
don’t look! don’t look!
no, no, no!
what have you seen?
you see that girl there?
the one with the bald guy?
she’s not a bad girl, but…
oh no! she’s heading this way!
yes, that’s her…
who is she?
idoia askunze!
a girl from pamplona, but you’re better off not meeting her.
let’s get out of here right away!
eh! i want to meet her.
don’t look, don’t look, and don’t look! let’s get out of here right away!
idoia “the heavy”.
and who is idoia askunze?
no, let´s go!
come on, let’s go in here.
yes, man!
what are you saying? how can we go into a strangers’ house?
we were just saying how beautiful this house is...
are you foreig ners?
no worries! in crete everybody is welco me. would you like a glass of “raki”?
i’m beginning to like these cretans!
don’t stand there, sit down...
i hope you weren’t referring to me with that imbecile comment, miss.
come on, pile in!
i could also give you some suvlakia
be rude not to.
no, no… it’s just… sorry, but...
yes. sorry for our unexpected entrance…
are you a fisherman?
i’m a farm worker. in truth i should be working, but because of the drought, there’s not a lot to do...
this raki is good… to crete!
but you’re a fool!
get on with it!!!
joxé, stop drinking right now!
are you planning on staying in crete for long?
a week, more or less… what we’ve got left of our holidays!
and here’s to the raki!
i’m sure you’ll stay longer in this land of labyrinths and minotaurs...
many thanks for your hospitality!
come again anytime!
what do you recommend about the town to us?
you have to see how nice these cretans are.
hello? sir, i’m warning you that some new foreigners have just arrived on the island...
there are the feast days of xerocambos, there’s sure to be a bull fight in the market square.
this raki is strong! don’t you want any, eider?
you like anybody who offers you a drink!
at this very moment they’re heading for the square…