Behind the Eyes We Meet
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Behind the Eyes We Meet



Behind The Eyes We Meet is a larger-than-life story that comes in three packages. A lighthearted opening flirts with chick lit before giving way to grim tales of a Russian P.O.W. camp on World War II’s Eastern Front, concluding with a fresh, philosophical perspective on life.
Verreault uses long-lost family letters, poetry, screenwriting techniques, and more to explore a fascination for Italy, history, and humanity at large in this powerful first novel.
This is a lively and intelligent exploration of intertwined destinies and, as hinted at by the choice of title, a realization that we shouldn’t judge a stranger until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes.



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Published 30 October 2017
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behind the eyes we meet
Mélissa Verreault
behind the eyes we meet
Translated from the French by Arielle Aaronson
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The letters of the alphabet or what you should know to learn the rest
My dearest Luisa,
Gaiato, July 10, 1946
I’ve been at the sanatorium for just two days but I miss you already. What are you doing? I can picture you get-ting up in the morning, drinking your coffee, slipping on your pretty black dress, and going to work. I’m jealous of the customers you serve espresso to, the men waiting for 1 their cold beer and panino . Here they make us drink lots of water and eat our vegetables. The fresh country air will help me recover, of that I’m certain. But the wind blowing across the mountain will never replace you by my side. Write to me. Soon. Your Sergio
1. Sandwich
Carpi, July 23, 1946
I miss you too. But the days are so full, I don’t have much time to think about it. Apart from work at the bar, I’m very busy with the household chores. I must help my mother take care of Irio, Carla, and Giovanna. My father and brother spend their days in the fields. In the evenings they need rest and good food: meat, pasta, polenta. I prepare the meals when I come home in the evening so that everything is ready for the next day. I’m not very fond of cooking, as you know. Sometimes I think I should have gone to the city, to Bologna or Modena, to study at university. I don’t know what I would have studied or where I would have found the money. Besides, I’m not that smart. I didn’t have high marks in college. So maybe it’s better this way. Life as it is, now. And it will be even more complete once you return. On that day, I will make you a cake—your favourite kind, the one with the almonds—even though you know I’m not fond of cooking. For you, it won’t be a chore. Get well, get well soon, Luisa