Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl

Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl


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¿I work in a pretty ordinary office from 9 to 5. I could be the receptionist in your building, or the girl next to you on the bus reading a copy of Metro. And I¿m wondering, what happened? How did I turn from a spotty teenager into this femme fatale who can¿t stop falling in and out of bed?¿
Following a bad breakup, twenty-something Sienna Lewis resolves not to commit to one man until she has found The One. Instead she starts to explore the world of internet dating, sex clubs, one-night stands and booty calls.
But it¿s not always easy ¿ if not getting a call from one man is bad enough, not hearing from five is even more distressing. And then there is the man she can¿t get out of her head, Tall Boy from the office. How will she tell him that for her it¿s more than just the sex ¿
Sienna¿s just an ordinary girl from the office with an extraordinary private life, and her diaries are explicit, very honest and lots of fun.



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Published 10 November 2009
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Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl