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L for Life : Love and Lots in Between


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This book is a collection of 12 short stories, in which the author narrates the difficult moments that change our lives later. The book also deals with the doubts of love we face, and the lives of friends we lose faith in. The author refers in the book to the relationships we decided to walk out of The ways we have decided to take; the ways we decided not to walk, the treachery and the illusions of love when we give it the opportunity to control our minds and souls, a painful course of torment and deprivation when we lose a loved one.



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Published 01 January 2010
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L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
By Loaiy A. Tageldin.
Loaiy A. Tageldin
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I may not forget you” William Arthur
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
Dedication This is for you, Mum. For all the efforts in making me different, for believing in me blindly and for being proud of all the trivial things I have achieved, nothing compared to your own feats. For your endless love, for our endless conversations and for the endless stories…for the tears and the smiles, for the hugs that gave me all the security I needed; the only place I call home are your arms. This is for you, Dad. For all the things we never managed to do together - to show my appreciation that I know you really wanted to do them. You are the greatest Father anyone can have… This is for you, Hamza. For the nine months of magic and dreams you gave me, for the endless love I have for you…remember this -you will always be my first son, my first happiness, and no matter what I will always love you every day, be sure of that. This is for you, Zahra. For being close, for being patient,
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
for being my wife and for accepting everything I offer, no matter how modest, with all the happiness in the world… This is for you Carsten, my giant one. For calling me ‘little one’, for all the pushes and encouragement, for believing in me and convincing me that I could do it... and here we are! As promised, this book is for you… This is for you, Mahmud. Maybe you will see me as the brother I always wanted to be, the brother that you always wanted. This is for my little ‘Toto’, whom I really love… This is for all my family and friends, the very foundations upon which I built the walls of my own strength and pride. And, finally, this is for all those who failed me, who disbelieved in me, who crushed my dreams or broke my heart… here I am, raising my flag and claiming my ground… and proving you all wrong.
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
Author’s Note As we walk the road of life, we meet many people. Sometimes those meetings are unavoidable, sometimes those meetings are planned…and sometimes those meetings are a consequence of fate playing its mysterious game. There are some people that we connect with from the very first moment…for others it takes a second or third meeting and for a small few, of course, it is never meant to be. Life is a lot like dating… we can never be sure whether the next person we meet will suit us or not. But we do not give up until we have found that right person, the person with whom we are meant to be…and from then onwards we live and we love and the relationships we build with them give us the stories, the magical stories, we call memories.
Loaiy A. Tageldin.
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
L…For Life; Love and Lots In Between
Seeing The Horizon
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming
Albert Einstein