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Mummy Doesn't Love You


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As a young boy, Alexander Sinclair was the target of his mother¿s irrational hatred. She stopped at no lengths in her campaign to tear him to pieces both mentally and physically. In his chilling memoir, Alex describes how he received the most unnecessary and appalling treatment in mental institutions because of her actions, to the point where his mental and physical health deteriorated to a perilous state.
Covering her tracks with cunning deception, his mother began by beating him repeatedly and forcing him to take a dangerous mix of amphetamines and Valium. His health already in balance, and raped by an uncle, the professionals believed his mother¿s lies. Mental asylums in Greece and the UK followed, as did isolation cells and ECT.
But his mother¿s hatred was to take a more sinister turn still ¿ how much more could Alex take and still survive?
Not since Sickened has there been a book that catalogues a child¿s experience of being made devastatingly ill at the hands of their mother. Dramatic and uniquely shocking, this is a memoir that will haunt the reader long after they close the final page.



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Published 05 February 2009
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Mummy Doesn't Love You