Pirate : Drawing for the laugh of art with Pirate - 3

Pirate : Drawing for the laugh of art with Pirate - 3


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Those who have read "Hi, I'm Pirate" and "You're so silly, Pirate" will be familiar with Loptegui's style and that of his character, Pirate. Those who are not particularly into his brand of humour will be frankly -and positively- surprised by this work. It is a guide for learning how to draw comics. The author develops his method over the course of thirty-one fun and educational chapters.



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and who are you ?
hello leopardo.
drawing for the laugh of art!
that’s it, leonardo, i’m pirate and she is amaia(the cart’s and the editorial always in team have sent us front). to accompany you.
… sharpen up your artistic instincts.
a bit goatish!
this bloke is
of the goat!
the mother of whom?
and i like it as much as chocolate ice cream!
i like it very much!
ah, well! thank you.
you said it... the pencil!
i’ve got the mother of all pencils here!
me too.
what’s up friends? i’m leonardo dabinchy and they’ve suggested i…
and i’m sure you both like to draw, am i right?
Pencil, (from the latin lapis), a generic name given to sticks of graphite wrapped in wood. There are manual ones, digital ones, coloured ones, ones with lips… all of them portable and derivatives of ... feathers, felt tipped pens, biros, etc… You don’t need network connections, or batteries and plugins... their perfect ergonomic design makes them a practical and efficient tool. As much for their simplicity as for their convenience, they are the ideal tool for any professional activity as well as for the leisure hours.
are you doing anything tonight? tee hee
One of the many advantages possible through its use is that the pencil doesn’t distinguish between RIGHT HANDED and LEFT HANDED people, because its advanced operating system allows it to adapt to either option. It is held between the THUMB and INDEX finger, at the same time as applying pressure from our MIDDLE finger, and pressing on any smooth surface (paper, cloth, wood…) We’re now ready to get drawing!
The degree of consistency of the lead in a pencil determines its hardness. The harder its lead (pencil H) the finer and less opaque will its pencil stroke be. Lower hardness levels (pencil B) result in darker, thicker strokes.
i’m going out with an
optical pencil.
uff, how short...
this pencil doesn’t work!
are you sure?
that’s the last time
i get caught up in a pencil sharpener! i feel dizzy!
my head’s spinning
round and round!
No special care is needed to ensure correct functioning. Sure, it needs to be filed own from time to time: to do that all you need is to fit it into its natural whole life partner, the pencil sharpener. It turns inside it repeatedly until it obtains the optimum tip sharp ness. Always remember that the most beautiful works of art, the most sophisticated constructions, the most wonderful ideas which have helped the cause of humanity, all came from the tip of a humble pencil originally, but in the hands of a user with talent.
consider the pencil as if it were an
extension of your own nature given
tool, (the hand), wisely directed by
your own computer (the brain)
(our most heartfelt
tribute to such a humble and
at the same time magical
how wise he is! how well he speaks!
what wisdom!
what rhetoric!
what a pain in the neck!
the joke
second rater!
fraco! you make me want to spit on you! softy! sniff, why are you
so hard on me, humphrey?
the workplace
how are you doing,
folks? in this chapter
i’m going to talk to you about the workplace…
let’s get down to it!
 although it’s true that
 an artist can work virtually
anywhere, it is nevertheless
convenient to do it in an
environment where we feel
even me!
It isn’t necessary for it to be a professional drawing table. It’s enough for it to be spacious enough for drawing comfortably, and yes, it should be next to a window, in such a way that the light enters FROM YOUR LEFT HAND SIDE (or from the RIGHT if you’re left handed, as well as for lamp light…
what an ugly drawing!
that tells me i’m doing it properly.
it’s a portrait of you!
man , with a drawing table
like that, any cack hander
can be an artist!
and what’s that for?
it’s logical...
completely agree with the ‘cack handed’ bit. well, now try it!
let’s see it, clever cloggs.
up a bit to get a
think we should lift you
better view?
Get a chair…
hey, son,… don’t you
the joke
posture, congratulations!
why do you say that mum?
How would opticians make a living if it were not for people who draw?
This is the correct
you should see a drawing as an entertaining game which requires concentra tion and therefore it is more suitable to draw in the most optimum conditions available for it. did you hear that?… concentrate on playing!
well, i think…
like at football!
find the best posture
If the light comes in from your RIGHT HAND side, the shadow of your hand covers the drawing.
If the shadow comes from your LEFT HAND side, the shadow projects itself onto the other side, leaving the paper fully visible.
posture is forced…
Nice chair, but the
And if no light enters from any side, don’t worry... Turn on the lights, you absent minded person!
are you ready, boys and girls?
basically, there are two types of paper...
the paper
in this chapter we’re going to talk about paper.
what a lousy dictionary!
SMOOTH (glossy)
Paper.m.(latin papyrus). Dry, thin sheets manu factured from all kinds of ground vegetable matter, used for writing , printing, wrapping, etc...
it doesn’t say anything here about using paper to draw.
ROUGH (grainy)
the best thing you can do with this dictionary is throw it in the rubbish bin so that it gets recycled into drawing paper...
good answer amaia... although paper is manufactured from ground paper paste, we can also recycle it by mixing it with other waste matter...
and the paper role i have in the play at college, tee, hee, hee, as one of snow white’s seven dwarves! this is the one a dreadful they make euros role for out of. sure…
SMOOTH paper is the most suitable for drawing on with a hard pencil (H), felt tips, pen and ink, etc...
Always hold it by the edges, that way you’ll avoid staining...
the joke
good day… i’d like a sheet
of rough paper, average grain, with
no higher than 50% active bifidus
content, pasteurised after
the grain with
full puce, or
i’m stuck there!
You don‛t have to be so demanding...
i know how to use paper!
To prevent the hand you’re writing with from smudging... the drawing, place a pad underneath...
but your plane has tur ned out a bit really, any strange. type of paper should serve as a perfect tool to complement your imagination…
Whereas ROUGH paper is more suitable for soft pencils (B), wax crayons, water colours, etc...
It is advisable not to draw while wearing boxing gloves, unless you want an aggressive style...
Rub out what you‛re not interested
in, and avoid cleaning off debris
with your hand, as this can cause
you to dirty the paper...
Hold the paper by the edges, and bang it against the edge of the table....
a bit of paper, some imagination, and… let’s fly!
yes sir, on course for adventure!
(or some thing like that...)