Riot in My Senses


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You have selected this book, and by doing so, you have knocked on my door. This insinuates your desire to know more about me. So let us not waste time and commence.
In my house are four doors that lead you to four rooms. The first door leads you to my soul. The second door leads you to my heart. The third door leads you to my mind. The fourth door leads you to my senses.
The first room elucidates why my soul withdraws from peacefulness. The second room clarifies why my heart is temporarily occupied. The third room explains why my mind is puzzled. The fourth room illustrates why there is a riot in my senses and illustrates in detail the most vital fragment of my journey where occurrences of chaos and figments of my imagination condemn me.
Now, which room would you like to enter? I suggest you enter all the rooms—one by one—to embrace the experience. Make sure you enter the rooms in the same order that I have introduced them to you. Why? Well, if you don’t, you will be in a perplexing situation and nothing will seem significant. Finally, I want you to know that the journey does not finish with the ending of this book.



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Published 24 May 2017
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