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Sleaze Castle: The Director's Cut Vol #0


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Panda Quartile - Empress of a strange other-dimensional Earth - becomes stuck in our own world after a cosmic accident during a shopping trip. Unable to return for 6 months, she poses as a university student to pass the time, and makes friends with neighbour Jo Dribble. Panda's naiveté and enthusiasm to experience Earth lead them to a series of daft adventures together...



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Published 01 December 2016
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Introduction to the digital editions
o, welcome to the digital edition of Sleaze Castle. A format like this would have only been a science fiction dream when Terry and I started the series; I’m looking at it now on an iPad - but the original early scripts weren’t even word-processed... and the first issue 1 print run was done by a print shop that couldn’t even properly register the colour on the cover!
It is January 2012, and I’m nearly 50. It is a little frightening to realise that the earliest material in these volumes is literally from half a lifetime ago - written as it was, in my mid 20’s. The most recent is from a little over a decade ago, and this introduction is the only contribution to the comics medium that I have made since then. As usual, Terry has done all the work for this - and I’ve done very little. Even this introduction is running late!
Thinking on it, I suppose there will be 3 categories of buyer of these eComics; curious new readers (welcome), completionists (also welcome), and previous readers who might have lost their original copies and want to revisit (welcome back to you too). Newcomers will notice a lot of variation in quality (in writing and artwork) as you go through the series... remember, though, that the bits of the story that are chronologically first are NOT those that we created first. Hopefully what you’ll experience will be a progressive improvement in quality. When we started, we honestly didn’t know what we were doing (see above for evidence of this in our choice of printer!) - being propelled only by Dave Sim’s “just publish it yourself ”-style philosophy. I think it was several issues before we really made contact with other indie small-press creators.
Looking back, I’m not entirely certain what the spark was that actually made us start - or what shaped the storyline(s). I remember wanting a big castle (shades of Gormenghast), and stuff to do with dimensions and parallel universes. We had a female lead (Jo) almost on a whim, and then the character who became Panda was made female because we thought it best to have them both as the same gender. I don’t think that Love and Rockets (which we were both reading around then) influenced us in this decision. Certainly Jo and Panda are nothing like Hopey and Maggie, and I can’t say that I had any real interest in specifically portraying female characters, or profess to having any insight into them (then or now). Its hard to now imagine that they could be other than they are and - given the level of female readership that we picked up, we seemed to have done OK.
Dave McK.