The Great Referendum

The Great Referendum


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It was the 10th of august 2321, under the Gregorian calendar, now universal. The President had a look to his watch : - 7:34 pm, New York time. “Within 26 minutes, all will be over”, he thought : “THEY” will have voted… Will this night be the “beginning of the end” for Mankind ? Are THEY going to replace us on Earth ? And in the solar system ? That’s possible, but not certain, because the President is watching over, and defends the Humans interests ! So, the worst is not sure… and then, “THEY” are divided, and all are not following Jimbo… I let you with Him, and with “THEM” : “The Great Referendum”, it’s now !



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The Great Referendum

The Great Referendum


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To Robert Jastrow for his book “The Enchanted Loom”
(in French “Au delà du cerveau”), the reading
of which having been the origin of this, almost 20 years ago,

To Frédérique, who lent this book to me at this time,

To Jean-Pierre Petit, the work of whom, which will be
recognized one day, having amply inspired this,


The President

It is 19:34.

th It was the 10 of august 2321, under the Gregorian calendar,
now universal ; it was a saturday.

The President had a look to his watch :
- 7:34 pm, New York time.
Within 26 minutes, all will be over…
He was from the Lagos region, the former capital of what
had been Nigeria for a long time.
His ebony skin was showing his origin, even if, at this epoch,
a lot of black people were coming from Europe, and if the
population of the world was mainly composed of cross-bred
people, of all colours and geographical origins.
He had been re-elected as the World President in September
last year : he was 52 at this time.

During the year 2158, so 2 centuries earlier, it had been
decided, after long and difficult discussions, that the
President’s office and the World Parliament should be
located in New York, as a reference to the old United
thNations Headquarters of the 20 century.
The “Subsidiarity Principle” now applied everywhere, and so
“the problems should be solved at the level where they were
Nations were no more existing, except in the minds of some
rare nostalgic people, and the level of power which was just
under the World was the Region.
However, these political and geographical entities might vary
a lot in terms of area and population, depending on their
location on the planet.

The Regions borders were often the same than the ones of
ththe old nations of the 20 century, even if, after 300 years of
cross-breeding, the words “ethnical group” were no longer
meaning anything.
The “China Region” was covering the main part of this
former country, and was now counting almost 4 billions
residents, the same as the “India Region”; at the same time,
the “Germany Region” had only 120 millions people, so a
little 50% more than during year 2000.
Although the power of Regions was very important, the
President’s one was remaining considerable all over the
world, and on all the earthlings.

However, what was going to happen within 26 minutes was
completely escaping from him :
- in the very best case, he would be able to notice that his
work had positively influenced the events.
For the time being, he could not do anything else than
hoping for this.
In the negative case, it would be the catastrophe…

Linda came into the office, and asked :
- Do you still need something, Mr President ?
- No, thanks, I don’t need anything at the moment ;
leave me alone, please.
The reason for the “Mr President” form was the presence of
several co-workers who could hear all, in the next office.
She went out and shut the door, leaving him alone.