The new age of the dream : Manuel - 4

The new age of the dream : Manuel - 4


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Two European tourists, María and Maren are interested in Manuel’s life and his gang. He tells them all he learnt from the storyteller Onelia and how he enjoyed during the performance of a story by A. Andersen.



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Published 01 January 2010
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Porto Alegre is a very poor borough on the outskirts of Sydney.
Hello Maren,
Hello Marie...
Let’s go to the harbour to find out the ferry times.
What’s your name?
“Jello, jello”.
Mine’s Maren.
What time does the next boat leave?
Thanks. Do you know where
it is we want to get to?
Last month I had my twelfth birthday.
Late, sure.
All foreigners who
arrive at Porto Alegre
always go to the same place.
Listen! Manuel, if it
isn’t too much to ask,
how old are you?
The next
one is at one
Thanks, Txiki.
Up, Manuel!
Hey, boy, what’s your name?
Me too!
Up, girl!
Manuel, but ever since I was a small child, as I am short, everybody has always called me “little Manuel”.