The new age of the dream : The new age of the dream - 2

The new age of the dream : The new age of the dream - 2


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Manuel’s Dad works in the big department stores. Young Manuel looks for work to help his parents make ends meet, but they suggest he gets into a much more educational and amusing activity, more suited to fellows of his age.



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Published 01 January 2010
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It looks like we’ve ‘met’ the “future”. But we’re still
are emigrants.
with all that was going on here. That’s the way my
Dad thinks. But if we look at things like this, we
could be living in Greece.
And why did we choose to come and live in
Australia? Simple - the Olympics. My Dad thought
that Sydney would be the best place in the world,
different here.
We crossed the Pacific Ocean from
the suburbs of Lima.
the Land of Oz.
My name’s Manuel. I’m 12years old.
hope of a better future away from
Peru to arrive in Australia with the
shine as brightly as they do in the Altiplano. Everything is
searching for the “better” bit. And that’s proving quite
tricky. There isn’t a map to guide us, and the stars don’t
You’ll probably be wondering what a Peruvian boy is doing in this country. My family and I have come to live here recently. We
And this is Australia,
My father works in these large
stores. I go in to see him
whenever I can.
These ozzies are
crazy, but as long as they pay
me, it’s all the same to me, to carry on moving shoes about.
What Dad doesn’t say
is that although they
pay him, the wages are low.
All of which means that my
mum has to do jobs here and
there to help make ends meet
in the family budget.
My Dad’s job is to carry things
from one place to another.
He often says they pay him purely
to change the location of things.
Now it’s my turn
to carry shoes. I’m fetching and carrying shoes and sometimes I wonder if they aren’t always the same ones.
For this reason, when I leave school, I’m
going to get a job so I can contribute to
the household, which makes me think we
haven’t completely left the suburbs of
Lima behind. I am a boy, and in spite of
living in the first world, I have to work.