The Signature
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The Signature



Chipo moves to Harare, Zimbabwe, with big dreams for her life, and finds them shattered after becoming pregnant. Her hard-hearted father gives the baby away to a couple, Hans and Ingrid; in rebellion, she starts a life of prostitution.
When Hans and Ingrid Grundey's vehicle hits a landmine, throwing them into the river, they end up on opposite shores, Hans in Zimbabwe, Ingrid in Zambia; both thinking the other dead, Ingrid finds a village and works as a nurse healing people, while Hans joins the mercenaries looking for the man who laid the landmine that killed his wife.
A familiar ribbon intertwines the three characters, Hans, Ingrid, and Chipo, and leads them on a journey to find forgiveness, redemption, and the power of God working in and through their lives, transforming them and leading them closer and closer to finding one another. In the process of their journey, they find the meaning of the signature of God upon their lives; that seal of the Holy Spirit that transforms us and releases us to walk in power and victory against all odds.



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Published 26 February 2020
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