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Business Writing for the Web


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The hardest part of making a business website successful is writing great content that will attract readers and encourage them to choose what you are offering. Whether you are selling physical objects or a service, what you write and how you write it will make the difference between a quick look-and-leave visit, and a new customer. This is not a book on how to code your website, but a book on how best to write the pages on your website. The book is written in plain English and is written to be a quick and easy read. Online technology changes constantly, but what remains constant is that a website needs great content, written in an engaging and web-friendly manner, to make it a success. This book takes you inside the techniques of a master communicator, whose rules start with, “break the rules!”
Title Page
Rule 1: Web Copy Must Be Scan-able
Bullet points
Rule 2: Use Short Paragraphs
Three to five sentences
The one-sentence paragraph
Rule 3: Don’t Dwell (Keep Your Pages Short)
Content style
But what if I really need to have a long page?
Rule 4: Throw Out the English Rule Book
The way we are taught to write is wrong (for business)
How many rules does your reader know?
Write like you talk
Okay, so what rules of English do you need to know?
Commonly misspelled words and misused phrases
In closing
Rule 5: Do Not Preach to the Choir
Targeted traffic revisited
What’s your problem?
What are visitors expecting from you?
Rule 6: Keep Your Audience in Mind, but Don’t Alienate Anyone, Either
Write so your audience understands you
Don’t alienate anyone
Dancing between the two
Lose the corporate jargon, again
Rule 7: Write with Confidence
Rule 8: Use the Word “You” a Lot
How often to use the word “you”
One more “you” myth dispelled
Rule 9: Bolds, Italics, Underlines, Parentheses, Dashes, and Other Formatting Tricks
Bolds and italics
Different color fonts
Ellipses …
Overdoing punctuation
Why asides are important
In closing
Rule 10: Lots of Escape Hatches (Calls to Action)
Rule 11: Be an Oreo®
What do I mean by “Be an Oreo®?”
Thank You
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