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    With contributions and insights from entrepreneurs and small business owners including Tim Ferris, Brian Tracy, and Reid Hoffman, this book offers data and research-backed tools and tactics for both business and personal achievement.

    Readers will learn how to implement habits that increase productivity, apply researched-backed strategies that close deals and increase profits, and developing a mindset that creates balance in their daily lives.
    PART I: Habits that Increase Productivity

    Chapter 1: 9 Science-Backed Insights on Finding Success in Your Business and Personal Life by Entrepreneur Staff

    Chapter 2: Science-Backed Brain Hacks to Crush Your Goals by Kate Rockwood, magazine contributor

    Chapter 3: Why You Should Stop Saying Sorry, According to Science by Rose Leadem, online editorial assistant at Entrepreneur

    Chapter 4: Can Birth Order Determine Success or Failure? Science Says Maybe by Ric Kelly, leadership expert and editor of leadershipissues.com

    Chapter 5: The 7 Things Science Says You Must Do Daily to Build a Billion-Dollar Company by Chirag Kulkarni, co-founder of Insightfully and K Ventures and digital marketing expert

    Chapter 6: Neuroscience Tells Us How to Hack Our Brains for Success by John Rampton, entrepreneur, connector, and online influencer

    Chapter 7: 7 Science-Backed Strategies for Building Powerful Habits by Lydia Belanger, associate editor at Entrepreneur

    Chapter 8: 4 Science-Backed Ways to Increase Productivity by Murray Newlands, founder of ChattyPeople.com, investor, business advisor, and speaker

    Chapter 9: Science Says Our Constant Connectivity is Hurting Productivity by Jennifer L. Gibbs and Terri R. Kurtzberg, professors and co-authors of Distracted

    Chapter 10: Science Knows the 2-Step Process for Breaking Bad Habits by Thai Nguyen, writer and editor of TheUtopianLife.com

    Chapter 11: 5 Bad Habits You Must Change to Be More Productive by Ahmed Safwan, serial entrepreneur and full-time student of dentistry

    Habits that Increase Productivity—Reflections

    PART II: Impressions that Close Deals

    Chapter 12: 5 Research-Backed Strategies to Increase Your Sales Revenues by John Stevens, CEO of Hosting Facts

    Chapter 13: 5 Research-Backed Tips to Increase Online Sales by John Stevens, CEO of Hosting Facts

    Chapter 14: Science Warns Don’t Do These 6 Things If You Want to Get Hired by John Boitnott, digital media consultant and journalist

    Chapter 15: 5 Steps to Getting Your Brand ‘Hired’ in the Real World by Taddy Hall and Linda Deeken, principal and CMO at The Cambridge Group

    Chapter 16: The Science Behind Picking the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot by Vanessa Van Edwards, behavioral investigator, speaker, and author of Captivate

    Chapter 17: Closing a Deal at a Bar? This Research Can Help. By Jeffery Lindenmuth, Ross McCammon, and Kate Rockwood

    Chapter 18: 8 Science-Backed Techniques That Will Make You More Likeable by Stephen J. Bronner, news director at Entrepreneur

    Chapter 19: Science Just Gave Us Another Reason Not to Use Emoji At Work by Nina Zipkin, staff writer at Entrepreneur

    Impressions that Close Deals—Reflections
    PART III: Strategies that Earn Profits

    Chapter 20: Researchers Find That Social Media Can Make You Happier or Miserable by Lesya Liu, social media and content marketing expert

    Chapter 21: The Science of Online Forms and the Brand Experience: An Essential Guide by Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack

    Chapter 22: Analyzing the Science Behind Customer Loyalty by Chris Poelma, president of NCR Corporation

    Chapter 23: The Art of Persuading Customers to Tell Your Story is Becoming a science by Dan Blacharski, editor of PRBlogs.org and NewsOrg.org and author of Born in the Cloud Marketing

    Chapter 24: The Science Behind High-Converting Websites by Eric Samson, founder of Group 8A

    Chapter 25: 5 Ways to Maximize Word-of-Mouth Marketing by Brian Sutter, director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies

    Chapter 26: 5 Simple Tips You Can Use to Capture the Attention of Millennials by Jonathan Long, entrepreneur, brand builder, and founder of Market Domination Media

    Chapter 27: 7 Science-Backed Strategies for Dealing With Angry Customers by Tobi Abdulgafar, blogger, content marketing strategist, and founder of Your Content Mart

    Chapter 28: The Science Behind Customer Chum by Luc Burgelman, co-founder and CEO of NGDATA

    Strategies that Earn Profits—Reflections

    PART IV: Mindsets that Create Balance

    Chapter 29: Stressed Out? Science Says to Play a Video Game for 5 Minutes by Stephen J. Bronner, news director at Entrepreneur

    Chapter 30: 9 Ways Backed by Research to Turn Around a Bad Day by John Rampton, entrepreneur, connector, and online influencer

    Chapter 31: Science Shows How Creativity Can Reduce Stress by Deepak Chopra and Kabir Sehgal, co-authors of Home: Where Everyone is Welcome

    Chapter 32: To Thrive in Work and Life, Here’s What Science Says You Need by Nina Zipkin, staff writer at Entrepreneur

    Chapter 33: If You’re Open Minded, Research Says You Might Do This by Nina Zipkin, staff writer at Entrepreneur

    Chapter 34: I Take a Vacation from My Business Every Year. Research Shows Why It’s Good for Me – and My Company by Isaac Oates, founder and CEO of Justworks

    Chapter 35: Science Knows You Need to Get a Life Outside of Work. This is How You Do It. By John Rampton, entrepreneur, connector, and online influencer

    Chapter 36: 5 Science-Backed Ways to Be Happier at Work by Kim Lachance Shandrow, senior editor at SJR

    Chapter 37: 4 Things Science Says You Can Do to Be Happy by John Boitnott, digital media consultant and journalist
    Mindsets that Create Balance—Reflections


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