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Augmented Reality


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Augmented Reality: Innovative Perspectives Across Art, Industry, and Academia includes a mix of critical/theoretical essays from humanities scholars, augmented reality (AR) artwork (with accompanying reflections) by leading digital artists, and interviews with AR software developers and other industry insiders. Augmented Reality is used in the design of the printed book, effectively linking appropriate pages to relevant digital materials on the Web or physical spaces. Contributors bring critical reflection and artistic ingenuity into conversation with current design thinking and project development across the AR industry.



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Published 01 October 2016
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AUGMENTED REALITY Innovative Perspectives across Art, Industry, and Academia
Edited by Sean Morey and John Tinnell
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Scan his page o wach David Bowie - Heoes - Live Aid 1985
Edited by Sean Morey and John Tinnell
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Cedis Chape opene images ae rom Unsplash.com. Used by pemission. Fonispiece and book half ile NASA; Ch. 3 Mahew Bedfod; Ch. 4 Ksenia Kudelkina; Ch. 5 Sebasian Pichle; Ch. 6 Jeho Sebbings; Ch. 7 Kevin Young; Ch. 8 Topich; Ch. 9 Samuel Scim-shaw; Ch. 0 Pieick Le Cunff. Ch  Sceensho,Vanilla Sky(200). © Paamoun Picues. Ch. 2 Glenn Scofield Williams rom USA - Moun Hood ove Fo Vancouve (2008) CC 2.0 license.
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Acknowledgments 1in the Making Introduction: A Medium Sean Morey and John Tinnell
Part 1: Scholarly Articles 2 Designing, Arranging, and Assessing Augmented Places through Mobile Media Alignment Brett Oppegaard
3 Potential Panels: Toward a Theory of Augmented Comics Jason Helms
4 “Sergey Brin Is Batman”: Google Glass and the Rhetoric of Adoption in Popular Networked Culture Isabel Pedersen and Douglas Trueman
5 Life through the Screen: LocationBased Information and the Personalization of Space Jordan Frith
6 “Augpunk”: Imagining Alternative Futures for Augmented Reality through Science Fiction99 Joseph P. Weakland
7 Gathering Memories with Augmented Reality Jason Kalin
8 The Dream Deferred: Augmented Reality as Rhetorical Realism Scot Barnett
9 SAZooAR,Ethea, and Computer Vision Steve Holmes
10 When Geolocation Meets Visualization Jason Farman
Part 2: Interviews
Interview 1: Sidney I. Dobrin Interview 2: Blair MacIntyre Interview 3: Christine Perey Interview 4: Jay Wright Interview 5: Maarten LensFitzgerald Interview 6: BC Biermann Part 3: Artwork BC Biermann Augmented Architecture [NYC + LA, 2012] Bowery Wall [NYC, 2012] Wynwood Walls @ Art Basel [Miami, 2012] Tamiko Thiel Shades of Absence [Venice, Istanbul, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, 2011]
Clouding Green [Singapore, 20122013] Reign of Gold [NYC, Berlin, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tampa, 2012] Jasmine Rain (Birdcage) [Cairo, Tunis, Beijing, Boston, NYC, 2011] Carnation Rain [Lisbon, 2011] Conor McGarrigle NAMAland [Dublin, 20102012] Walking Stories [Dundrum, 2011] Vineland [2013] Where’s Franco? [VENICE, 2011]
202 214 228 240 248 256
266 268 270
271 272 273 274 275
276 278 280 282
John Craig Freeman Orators, Rostrums, and Propaganda Stands [20122013] Flotsam & Jetsam [Singapore, Massachusetts, 2013] EEG AR: Things We Have Lost [Liverpool, 2013] Border Memorial: Frontera De Los Muertos [Arizona, 2012] Water wARs [Venice Biennial and Brooklyn, 2011] Tiananmen SquARed (Attributed to) 4 Gentlemen [Beijing, 2010] Peace Doors [Belfast, 2010] Bryan Leister Goldman Sachs (Giant Blood Sucking Vampire Squid) [Denver, 2012] Mood Analyticator [Denver, 2012] Mark Skwarek #arOCCUPYWALLSTREET [NYC, 2011] The Bottomless Pit [Zero1 Biennial, 2012] erasAR [USA, 2010]
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e would like o hank David Blakesley fo suppoing ou pojec rom is W incepion and fo poviding det guidance houghou. This collecion cass a wide ange of wok and pespecives on a sill-emeging medium; as edios, we also waned o expeimen wih augmened ealiy as a publishing echnology in he pocess. We needed a bold publishe. David encouaged us o pusue ou boades vision, and he always supplied good ideas when we needed o adjus ou couse. We would also like o hank Sid Dobin, Lauie Gies, Jack Senne, and Geg Ulme fo consanly pushing us o hink deeply abou he heoical, aesheic, and hisoical faces of digial culue. John Caig Feeman’s involve-men in he collecion was boh essenial and caalyic; in addiion o suggesing layous fo he awok, he pu us in ouch wih seveal of he ohe aiss who conibued o his book. We ae gaeful o him, BC Biemann, Byan Leise, Cono McGaigle, Mak Skwaek, and Tamiko Thiel fo each poviding images of hei pioneeing awoks. Thanks o Sid Dobin fo his houghful esponses o ou quesions abou augmened ealiy and he fuue of highe educaion. Many hanks also o BC Biemann, Maaen Lens-Fizgeald, Blai MacInye, and Chisine Peey fo gaciously aking ime o alk wih us a he 2013 Souh by Souhwes Ineacive Fesival, and o Jay Wigh fo giving an exensive phone ineview. Tanscibing hese ineviews fo pin would have been inconceivable wihou Kim Tinnell’s help and he admiable aenion o deail. We would also like o hank he scholas who conibued hei essays o his volume Be Op-pegaad, Jason Helms, Isabel Pedesen, Douglas Tueman, Jodan Fih, Joseph Weakland, Jason Kalin, Sco Bane, Seve Holmes, and Jason Faman; we hope eades gain as much rom you insighs as we did. Finally, his one’s fo Aubey, Sofia, and Fishe augmening ealiy evey day.