How to Write an Ebook

How to Write an Ebook


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For inbound marketers, ebooks are the golden ticket for lead generation. Not only do they feed your list of new contacts, but they’re also a critical tool for nurturing existing leads into a position that makes them more sales-ready.
To create a successful ebook, you have to be a hybrid marketer: part journalist, part designer, an expert project manager, and an all-around content strategist. Thankfully, there’s no need to do it alone.
This ebook will take away the mystery behind creating your very own ebook. You'll learn how to pick an engaging topic your sales team will love, write and design content that keeps your reader engaged, and promote your ebook for measurable results.



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Published 17 April 2016
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HOW TOWRITE AN FromEContentBand Concept to DesigOn and PromKotion
HubSpo| How o Wrie an Ebook
able O Conens
Chapter One: Organizing he Team
Chapter Two: Picking a Topic
Chapter Three: Research
Chapter Four: Wriing
Chapter Five: Design
Chapter Six: Promoing and Tracking Your Ebook
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HubSpoo Wrie an Ebook| How
F or înbound markeers, “ofers” are he golden îcke or lead generaîon. No only do hey eed your lîs o new conacs, bu hey’re also a crîîcal ool or nururîng exîsîng leads îno a posîîon ha makes hem more sales-ready.
Bu, gosh. Isn’ he word “ofer” so uTerly vague and absrac? Wha he heck îs a markeîng ofer and how do you creae one?
Among he many ypes o conen ha can lîve behînd a gae -- or a orm -- you have he choîce o emplaes, kîs, workbooks, and even îneracîve websîes. he mos common, however, îs he ebook --sîmple în definîîon, bu oten complex o creae.
Asîde rom wrîîng he conen, you need o desîgn and orma î îno a proessîonal-lookîng documen ha people wîll wan o download and read. hen here’s he socîal medîa poss, landîng page, and all o he oher movîng pîeces o promoîon. Ye, wîh lead generaîon as a common goal or conen markeîng, ebooks are an essenîal par o any successul înbound markeîng program.
o creae a successul ebook, you’ll have o be a hybrîd markeer: par journalîs, par desîgner, an exper projec manager, and an all-around conen sraegîs. hankully, here’s no need o do î alone.
In hîs ebook, we’re here o ake away he mysery behînd creaîng an awesome ebook (very mea, I know). Read on o learn how o pîck an engagîng opîc your sales eam wîll love, wrîe and desîgn conen ha keeps your reader engaged, and promoe your ebook or measurable resuls.
HubSpoo Wrie an Ebook| How