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Invasion of the MOOCs


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Leading proponents and critics articulate and debate the rapid rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as an educational and open access innovation



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Published 15 March 2014
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Krause & Lowe Invasion of the MOs  Invasion of the MOOCs The Promise and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses
Edited by Steven D. Krause and Charles Lowe
Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promises and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses
Edîted by Steven D. Krause and Carles Lowe
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Introductîon: Buîldîng on te Tradîtîon o CCK08 Carles Lowe
MOOCology 1.0 3 Glenna L. Decker
Framîng Questîons about MOOCs and Wrîtîng Courses 14 James E. Porter
A MOOC or Not a MOOC: ds106 Questîons te Form 29 Alan Levine
Wy We Are Tînkîng About MOOCs Jefrey T. Grabill
Te Hîdden Costs o MOOCs Karen Head
Coursera: Fîty Ways to Fîx te Sotware (wît apologîes to Paul Sîmon) 56 Laura Gibbs
Beîng Present în a Unîversîty Wrîtîng Course: A Case Agaînst MOOCs 68 Bob Samuels
Anoter Colonîalîst Tool? Aaron Barlow
MOOCversatîons: Commonplaces as Argument Jef Rice
MOOC Feedback: Pleasîng All te People? Jeremy Knox, Jen Ross, Cristine Sinclair, Hamis Macleod, and Siân Bayne
More Questîons tan Answers: Scratcîng at te Surace o MOOCs în Hîger Educatîon 105 Jacqueline Kauza
Tose Moot MOOCs: My MOOC Experîence Melissa Syapin
MOOC Assîgned Steven D. Krause
Learnîng How to Teac … Dîerently: Extracts rom a MOOC Instructor’s Journal 130 Denise K. Comer
MOOC as Treat and Promîse Edward M. Wite
A MOOC Wît a Vîew: How MOOCs Encourage Us to Reexamîne Pedagogîcal Doxa 156 Kay Halasek, Ben McCorkle, Cyntia L. Sele, Scott Lloyd DeWitt, Susan Delagrange, Jennier Micaels, and Kaitlin Clinnin
Puttîng te U în MOOCs: Te Importance o Usabîlîty în Course Desîgn 167 Heater Noel Young
“I open at te close”: A Post-MOOC Meta-Happenîng Relectîon and Wat I’m Goîng to Do About Tat Elizabet D. Woodwort
Here a MOOC, Tere a MOOC Nick Carbone
Wrîtîng and Learnîng wît Feedback Macînes Alexander Reid
Learnîng Many-to-Many: Te Best Case or Wrîtîng în Dîgîtal Envîronments 212 Bill Hart-Davidson
Ater te Invasîon: Wat’s Next or MOOCs? Steven D. Krause
Contrîbutors Index 235
Iôûçîô: Bûîî ô é àîîô ô CCK
Carles Lowe
CCK08: Connectîvîsm and Connectîve Knowledge, a massîve open onlîne course (MOOC) wît over 2200 students tat was created and acîlîtated by George Sîemens and Stepen Downes, îs generally con-sîdered by many as te MOOC wîc started te current revolutîon în onlîne educatîon.* I remember în 2008 readîng about Sîemens and Downes’ plans to ost an onlîne class tat would ave tradîtîonal pay-îng students, wîle also învîtîng anyone else to read te course materîals and partîcîpate în te onlîne dîscussîons. It seemed to me a ascînatîng experîment în onlîne learnîng tat contînued a rîc tradîtîon o exper-îmentatîon by educatîonal tecnology înnovators înterested în seeîng te ways în wîc te tools o te Internet and electronîc dîscourse could provîde alternatîve—or even better—metods or learnîng. For înstance, în 2002, sîx years beore CCK08, George Sîemens proposed wat e called a “‘non-course course’” în wîc îteen partîcîpants would use a Yaoo Groups to engage wît a acîlîtator-created set o questîons. Sîemens was înterested în stîmulatîng “an exploratory, communîty-created knowledge buîldîng process,” înstead o creatîng a tradîtîonal course tat requîred dîgestîng teacer-provîded content. Te ocus o te non-course course was elearnîng, and te goal was or te dîscussîon partîcîpants to generate îdeas about te possîbîlîtîes o learnîng. Sîemens later summarîzed teîr dîscussîons înto small ar-
* hîs work îs lîcensed under te Creatîve Commons Attrîbutîon-Noncom-mercîal-SareAlîke 3.0 Unîted States Lîcense. To vîew a copy o tîs lîcense, vîsît ttp://creatîvecommons.org/lîcenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ or send a letter to Creatîve Commons, 171 Second Street, Suîte 300, San Francîsco, Calîornîa, 94105, USA. For any oter use permîssîons, contact te orîgînal autor.