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The essays in New Media/New Methods: The Academic Turn from Literacy to Electracy pose an invention-based approach to new media studies. They represent a specific school of theory that has emerged from the work of graduates of the University of Florida. Working from the concept of electracy, as opposed to literacy, contributors pose various heuristics for new media rhetoric and theory.



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Published 22 July 2008
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Né Méïà/Né Méôŝ: Té Açàéïç Tû ô Lïéàç ô Eéçàç resenting a speciîc school of theory emergent in graduates of the University of Florida and working from the concept of electracy, as opposed to literacy, contributors present various heuristics for elaborating new media rhetoric and Né Méïà/Né Méôŝ challenges literacy-based understandings of new media, which typically pose such work as hermeneutics or textual inter pretation. Rather than grounding their work in hermeneutics, contributors rely on heuretics, or invention, to outline new modes of scholarly discourse reec tive of and adapted to digital culture.
Contributors include Ron Broglio, Elizabeth Coman, Denise K. Cummings, Bradley Dilger, Michelle Glaros, Michael Jarre, Barry Jason Mauer, Marcel O’Gorman, Robert Ray, Je Rice, Craig Saper, and Gregory L. Ulmer.
Marcel O’Gorman is Associate Professor of English at the University of Water loo and Director of the Critical Media Lab. His published research, including E-Cï: Dïïà Méïà, Cïïçà Téô à é Hûàïïéŝ (University of Toronto Press, 2006), is concerned primarily with the fate of the humanities in a digital culture. O’Gorman is also a practicing artist, working primarily with physical computing inventions and architectural installations.
Jé Rïçé is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Campus Writing Program, at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is the author of Té Réô ïç ô Côô: Côôŝïïô Sûïéŝ à Né Méïà (Southern Illinois University Press, 2007) and the textbook Wïï Aôû Côô: HééX à Cûûà Sûïéŝ ï é Côûé Càŝŝôô (Longman) as well as numerous essays on new media and writing. He blogs at Yellow Dog (hp://
Né Méïà Téô Séïéŝ Edited by Byron Hawk
816 Robinson St. West Lafayee, Indiana 47906 SAN: 254-8879 ISBN: 978-1-60235-065-6
New Media / New Methods The Academic Turn from Literacy to Electracy
Edited by Jeff Rice and Marcel O’Gorman
New Media Theory Series Editor, Byron Hawk
New Media Theory Series Editor, Byron Hawk
Te New Media Teory series investigates bot media and new media as a complex ecological and retorical context. Te merger of media and new media creates a global social spere tat is canging te ways we work, play, write, teac, tink, and connect. Because tis new con-text operates troug evolving arrangements, teories of new media ave yet to establis a retorical and teoretical paradigm tat fully articulates tis emerging digital life.
Te series includes books tat combine social, cultural, political, tex-tual, retorical, aestetic, and material teories in order to understand moments in te lives tat operate in tese emerging contexts. Suc works typically bring retorical and critical teories to bear on media and new media in a way tat elaborates a burgeoning post-disciplinary “medial turn” as one furter development of te retorical and visual turns tat ave already influenced scolarly work.
Other Books in the Series
The Two Virtuals: New Media and Composition, by Alexander Reid (007). Honorable Mention, W. Ross Winterowd/JACAward for Best Book in Composition Teory, 007.
New Media/New Metods
he Academic Turn from Literacy to Electracy
Edited by Jeff Rice and Marcel O’Gorman
Parlor Press West Lafayette, Indiana
Parlor Press LLC, West Lafayette, Indiana 7906
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New media/new metods : te academic turn from literacy to electracy / edited by Jeff Rice and Marcel O’Gorman.  p. cm. -- (New media teory)  Includes bibliograpical references and index.  ISBN 978--60-06- (pbk. : alk. paper) -- ISBN 978--60-06-9 (ardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 978--60-06-6 (adobe ebook) . Mass media--Study and teacing. . Mass media--Metodology. I. Rice, Jeff. II. O’Gorman, Marcel.  P9..N9 008  0.0--dc  0080008
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Acknowledgments Getting Scooled: Introduction to te Florida Scool Jeff Rice and Marcel O’Gorman
vii 3
Part : Origins: Wat Is te Florida Scool and Were Does It Come From?19 Florida out of Sorts21 Gregory L. Ulmer Eigt Film Studies Problems for te Twenty-First Century47 Robert Ray Te Florida Scool’s Legacy, or Te Devil’s Millopper Joke Revisited67 Craig Saper
Part : Teory: Inventing New Modes of Scolarly Discourse Hypericonomy, Negatively Defined Marcel O’Gorman Ease and Electracy Bradley Dilger
Part : Researc: Media Performance in Media Studies 6 Elvis (Te Florida Scool Remix) Michael Jarrett 7 Speculating a Hollywood, Finding Picture City Denise K. Cummings 8 Serial Logic: Meditations on Homesick: FemTV Remembers te Gainesville Murders Elizabeth Coffman and Michelle Glaros
Part : Pedagogy: Teacing and Learning (in) a New Academic Apparatus241 9 Nietzsce at te Apollo: An Experiment in Clipograpy243 Barry Mauer 0 Deleuzian Strolls, Wordswortian Walks, and MOO Landscapes264 Ron Broglio  Funkcomp281 Jeff Rice
Contributors Index
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Tis collection could not ave been completed witout te support of Parlor Press. David Blakesley sowed strong interest and support for our ideas and approaces towards new media were oters may ave flinced. We tank Byron Hawk for is support and entusiasm in adding our collection to Parlor’s New Media Series. And we tank Cyntia Haynes for er insigtful comments and suggestions regard-ing te manuscript. We are grateful to our mentors and colleagues wo patiently worked wit us on tis collection and contributed teir work to tis project. JeffRiceandMarcelOGorman
New Media/New Metods