Take Control of Switching to the Mac

Take Control of Switching to the Mac


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Switching to the Mac is easier than ever with our real-world advice!

You're using Windows, so we're guessing that you're considering a switch to the Mac (good for you!) or that you're a Mac user on a PC at work. (If the latter, you may want to read the Mac-user version of this page.)

There has never been a better time to switch to the Mac, but it's easier said than done. Never fear, because Scott Knaster, an alumnus of both Apple and Microsoft, has written a concise guide to speed you on your way. He starts by showing you what's cool about the Mac and how you can work around any troublesome bits, and, if you haven't already picked a Mac, he helps you choose among the different models. Then it's into the nitty-gritty, where Scott explains how to set up your Mac and navigate the Macintosh interface before clarifying which Mac applications replace familiar Windows programs and how to move your data to the Mac, including documents, email messages, address books, music, and Web bookmarks. Once you're set up, Scott helps you learn the basics of using the Mac, including how to set up multiple users, work effectively in Finder windows, search with Spotlight, manage applications and windows, use the network, print, download software updates, and more. As a bonus, you'll learn five Mac features you can't live without and find five more useful tips to help you become a power user. Finally, Scott has some advice if you must share documents with Windows users or run the occasional Windows application.

This book covers the steps needed to switch your computing life from Windows to the Macintosh. It covers a lot of ground and by the end, you'll be running on your Mac with your files moved over from your Windows PC, and you'll know how to get around on your new Mac.



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