Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks


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A deep dive into OS X Mavericks

If you want to quickly cover the basics of Apple's new operating system, OS X Mavericks, and then delve deeper into the topic, this is the book for you. Using clear, step-by-step screenshots, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks shows you how to tackle not only beginning but also intermediate and more advanced functions. Two-page, side-by-side lessons break big topics into smaller bits, and you'll find helpful sidebars with plenty of practical tips and tricks. If you're a visual learner looking for enhanced coverage of OS X Mavericks, this new guide has more of what you're looking for.

  • Explains how to use and optimize the newest OS X operating system, Mavericks
  • Covers the basics, then delves deeper into more advanced techniques and tasks
  • Uses succinct explanations and high-resolution screenshots
  • Perfect for visual learners who prefer instructions that show, rather than tell, how to do things

When it comes to OS X Mavericks, find more of what you're looking for in Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks.



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Published 17 December 2013
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Chapter 1 Reviewing What You Can Do with OS X

Create Documents 4
Play and Record Music 6
View and Organize Your Photos 8
Play and Make a Movie or Slide Show 10
Take Advantage of the Web 12
Communicate with Others 14
Organize Your Contacts and Appointments 16
Plan Journeys 18

Chapter 2 Learning Basic OS X Program Tasks
Explore the OS X Screen 22
Tour the Dock 23
Start an Application 24
Start an Application Using Launchpad 26
Switch Between Applications 28
View Running Applications with Mission Control 29
Tour an Application Window 30
Run an Application Full Screen 31
Select a Command from a Pull-Down Menu 32
Select a Command Using a Toolbar 33
Select Options with Dialog Controls 34
Move Windows Between Screens 36
Add Special Characters and Accents When Typing 38
Using Quick Look to Preview Documents 40
Chapter 3 Working with Files and Documents
Save a Document 44
Open a Document 45
Print a Document 46
Edit Document Text 48
Copy a File 52
Move a File 53
Rename a File 54
Delete a File 55
Using Finder Tabs 56
Tag Documents and Files 58
Add Tags When Saving a Document 60
Search for Documents and Files 62
Duplicate a Document 64
Store a Document in iCloud 66
Chapter 4 Browsing the World Wide Web
Open and Close Safari 70
Select a Link 72
Enter a Web Page Address 73
Open a Web Page in a Tab 74
Navigate Web Pages 76
Navigate with the History List 78
Change Your Home Page 80
Bookmark Web Pages 82
Search for Sites 84
Download a File 86
Using Top Sites in Safari 88
Using the Safari Sidebar 90
Share Links with the Share Button 92
Turn On Private Browsing 94
Access iCloud Tabs 96
Sync Passwords Between Devices 98
Using the Password Generator 100
Navigate Open Tabs in Safari 102
Chapter 5 Communicating via E-mail
Open and Close Mail 106
Add an E-mail Account 108
Send an E-mail Message 110
Add a File Attachment 112
Add a Signature 114
Receive and Read E-mail Messages 116
Reply to a Message 118
Forward a Message 120
Open and Save an Attachment 122
Create a Mailbox for Saving Messages 124
Create Rules to Filter Incoming Messages 126
Set an Out-of-Office Auto Reply with iCloud 128
Create a Smart Mailbox 130
Flag E-mails in Your Inbox 132
Mark E-mail as Junk 134
Sort E-mails in Your Inbox 136
Search for an E-mail 138
Chapter 6 Talking via Messages and FaceTime
Configure Messages 142
Send a Message 144
Send a File in a Message 146
Add Non-iCloud Accounts to Messages 148
Using an AIM Account with Messages 150
Open and Close FaceTime 152
Sign In to FaceTime 154
Connect Through FaceTime 156
Make a FaceTime Call Through Messages 158
Set Up FaceTime Notifications 160
Set Up FaceTime Call Reminders 162
Chapter 7 Tracking Contacts and Events
Open and Close Contacts 166