Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2010

Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2010


320 Pages


Fast, easy way to get the very most out of PowerPoint 2010

Present your work in style in a PowerPoint presentation usingthe tips and techniques in this visual guide to PowerPoint 2010. Itcovers the basics, as well as all the exciting new changes andadditions in a series of easy-to-follow, full-color, two-pagetutorials. Learn how to create slides, dress them up usingtemplates and graphics, add sound and animation, and more. Ifyou're looking for a practical, "show me, don't tell me" guide toPowerPoint 2010, this is the book for you.

  • Helps you create presentations with greater impact usingPowerPoint 2010, the latest generation of Microsoft's presentationsoftware; PowerPoint 2010 is part of the new Microsoft Office 2010suite of products
  • Introduces PowerPoint 2010's new features, including the newReading View, new transitions tab, and a new screenshotfunction
  • Shows you how to create slides, dress them up with templatesand graphics, add sound and animation, and present in a business orInternet setting
  • Features easy-to-follow, full-color, two-page tutorials

Add more power to your PowerPoint presentations with thispractical guide.



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Published 17 December 2010
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Chapter 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint Basics.
Introducing PowerPoint.
Start and Exit PowerPoint.
Explore the Normal View.
Navigate PowerPoint Views.
Work with Ribbon Groups, Commands, and Galleries.
Hide the Ribbon Commands.
Find and Use KeyTips.
Using the Quick Access Toolbar.
Resize the Notes Pane.
Using Help.
Chapter 2: Changing PowerPoint Options.
Introducing PowerPoint Options.
Modify General Options.
Change Spelling Options.
Change AutoCorrect Settings.
Change AutoFormat Settings.
Customize Save Options.
Modify View and Slide Show Options.
Change Editing Settings.
Work with Print Options.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
Customize the Ribbon.
Chapter 3: Beginning with Presentation Fundamentals.
Start a New Presentation.
Save a Presentation.
Open an Existing Presentation.
Close a Presentation.
Delete a Presentation.
Arrange Presentation Windows.
Find a Presentation.
Chapter 4: Writing and Formatting Presentation Text.
Understanding Presentation Structure.
Explore Text Formatting Options.
Add a Slide.
Delete a Slide in Normal View.
Navigate Slides.
Type and Edit Text on a Slide.
Format Text Color and Style.
Format Text Font and Size.
Cut, Copy, and Paste Text.
Format Bulleted Lists.
Using the Spelling Feature.
Using the Research Feature.
Chapter 5: Working with Outlines.
Hide and Redisplay the Outline Tab.
Understanding How Outline and Slide Content Relate.
Enter Presentation Content in an Outline.
Move Slides in an Outline.
Promote and Demote Items.
Collapse and Expand an Outline.
Edit Outline Content.
Insert Slides from an Outline.
Chapter 6: Working with Layouts and Placeholders.
Understanding Layouts and Placeholders.
Insert a New Slide with the Selected Layout.
Change a Slide Layout.
Using Layouts with a Content Placeholder.
Insert a Table.
Format a Table.
Insert a Chart.
Format a Chart.
Edit Chart Data.
Insert Pictures and Clip Art.
Insert Media Clips.
Insert a SmartArt Graphic.
Edit SmartArt.
Insert a Slide from Another File.
Chapter 7: Using Themes.
Understanding Themes.
Control Design Aspects with Themes.
Apply a Theme to Selected Slides.
Apply a Theme to All Slides.
Apply a Theme to a Section.
Change Theme Colors for Selected Slides.
Change Theme Colors for All Slides.
Modify a Font Theme.
Modify the Background.
Apply a Texture or Picture Background.
Save Your Own Theme.
Make a Theme the Default for New Presentations.
Save a Template.
Chapter 8: Using Masters.
Understanding Masters.
Understanding Slide Master Elements.
Open and Close Slide Master View.
Remove a Placeholder.
Insert a Placeholder.
Add a Footer.
Add a Date.