The Beginner’s Guide to Conversions Before the Checkout
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The Beginner’s Guide to Conversions Before the Checkout



99% of first-time website visitors are not yet ready to purchase.
However, it's likely that the majority of your marketing efforts are focused only on the 1% that are ready to buy, right now.
How are you engaging with the 99% of prospective customers who aren’t ready to buy? Are you giving them any opportunities besides adding an item to their cart and checking out? If the answer is no, you're losing out on your bottom line.
With this guide, learn how to capture the information of the 99% prospective buyers who aren't yet ready to purchase and use that information to nurture them into a sale. Then, develop your own pre-transactional conversion strategy to generate more revenue.



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Published 17 April 2016
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The Beginner’s Guide to
CHAPTER 1:Why You Need Conversîons Beore the Checkout
CHAPTER 2:What Is a Conversîon Beore the Checkout?
CHAPTER 3:How Can You Prompt a Conversîon?
CHAPTER 4:Real Lîe Pre-Transactîonal Content Examples
CHAPTER 5:How to Create a Conversîon Path
CHAPTER 6:Followîng Up and Nurturîng Into a Sale
CHAPTER 7:Ready to Get Started?