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The Prenuptial Guide


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Every couple, whether married, about to be married, or living together (including couples of the same sex), should have a contract to solidify their agreements.
A written contract is a valuable document that can help you define and clarify your expectations and goals, avoid surprises, and strengthen your relationship. 'The Prenuptial Guide - Contracts for Lovers' shows readers how to write their own cohabitation, prenuptial, or marriage contract.
Written by a lawyer, the kit comes with plain-language instructions so it’s easy to use. This kit includes sample contracts, a set of blank forms for you to write your own contract, and a download kit containing the blank forms so that you can fill in the forms using a Windows-based PC. Topics covered in this book include:
Why you should write a domestic contract
When a contract should be made
What can and cannot be covered
What terms are and are not legally enforceable
How to ensure that your contract is fair
Why independent legal advice is important
Under what circumstances an agreement can be set aside
Introduction vii
1 Understanding the Difference between
the Contracts 1
1. What’s the Difference between a Prenuptial Contract,
Marriage Contract, and Cohabitation Agreement? 2
1.1 Prenuptial contract 2
1.2 Marriage contract 2
1.3 Cohabitation agreement 2
2 Ground Rules 5
1. When Should You Make the Agreement? 5
2. Some Basic Ground Rules 7
2.1 Get the contract in writing 7
2.2 Disclosure 7
iv The Prenuptial Guide
2.3 Insure the agreement makes sense 8
2.4 Do you need a lawyer? 8
3 The Issues 9
1. Custody, Access, and Guardianship of Children 10
2. Maintenance and Support 12
3. Property 13
4 Fairness 15
5 Other Grounds to Consider 17
6 What Happens When One Partner Dies? 21
7 Drafting Tips 25
Sample Contract 27
Blank Contacts 49



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