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To carry out your project, you will need to adopt an effective management technique . Here you will find different studies and approaches to refine your strategy and achieve your managerial objectives more easily. To do this, simply browse or download our documents and books on management and management which will give you lots of advice.

Resources for management and management

How to position yourself optimally according to the different phases of the project? How to develop partnerships. How to focus production according to innovation? How to motivate your teams and make them productive?

On Youscribe, you will find the answers you need to design your management strategy . Through the operational approaches of experts or more global researchers, you will know what decisions to make to develop your turnover, to manage your equipment as well as possible and to reach your objectives.

What types of management to choose

In management , there are different schools. Some managers take their supervisory role to heart and prefer to remain directive. Others opt for a participative role, with less control and more delegation to the teams. Each of these strategies has strengths and limitations . However, we can also see the form of participative management ( here ) developing in new innovative companies.

By consulting the books dedicated to management , you will discover your manager profile and know how to improve your performance, as well as that of your subordinates. Indeed, our management and management documents will allow you to better understand the objectives and the method to be used to be a good manager.

Key terms and concepts about management and management

Optimization of accounting , retro-planning, employee motivation, PMO, modern management , Fordism ... If you are looking for definitions of certain terms related to management , you will also have everything you need in our documents and written on the subject.

Knowing these terms is a first step to implementing a management method and applying management methods well, it is to maximize your chances of success. To help you, guides and resources on the themes of management , management and PMO can be downloaded free or paid. You will gather valuable information and management advice to refine your strategy.