Smart Skills: Negotiation


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Book 1 of the Smart Skills series: practical guides to mastering vital business skills and techniques. Using proven strategies from business experts, these essential smart skills can empower anyone with the tools to get ahead.

Become a master negotiator with just 7 key steps

Negotiating is a part of everyday life, but in business it’s absolutely critical to your success. In the current challenging work and business environment, never has the skill of negotiation been more important, both with new clients and existing ones. Whether you are negotiating a one-off deal or managing a long-term project, securing the appropriate and best deal is paramount in any workplace... business success or failure can depend on it.

This book will provide you with all you need to know, including insight into processes such as:•Preparing a strategy with multiple options •How to deal with pressure, tricks and tensions •Maximise return on investment (ROI)You will also be given an in-depth look at the vital after-negotiation period where skilled negotiation is required to resolve emerging problems as a deal is executed or a service provided.



Introduction: Getting the best deal

Chapter 1. Negotiation: Getting to grips with the core approaches

Chapter 2. Preparation: The route to achieving success

Chapter 3. Trading: Achieving successful balance

Chapter 4. Making It Work: Good tactics, bad tactics and downright ploys

Chapter 5. The Interpersonal Dimension: The behavioural interactions

Chapter 6. The Fine Print: The contractual elements of a deal

Chapter 7. Focusing on the Key Issues: Attention to detail



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Published 28 February 2018
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