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Explores the wide range of scholarship on revision while bringing new light to bear on enduring questions in composition and rhetoric.



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Published 22 May 2006
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r Ev ision
rEvision History, tHEory, AndPrActicE
EditEdby AlicEHorning And AnnEbEckEr
R G  R  C Series Editor, Carles Bazerman
R G  R  C Series Editor, Carles Bazerman
Te Series provides compact, compreensive and convenient surveys of wat as been learned troug researc and practice as composition as emerged as an academic discipline over te last alf century. Eac volume is devoted to a single topic tat as been of interest in retoric and composition in recent years, to syntesize and make available te sum and parts of wat as been learned on tat topic. Tese reference guides are designed to elp deepen classroom practice by making available te col-lective wisdom of te field and will provide te basis for new researc. Te Series is intended to be of use to teacers at all levels of education, researcers and scolars of writing, graduate students learning about te field, and all wo ave interest in or responsibility for writing programs and te teacing of writing. Parlor Press and Te WAC Clearingouse are collaborating so tat tese books will be widely available troug low-cost print editions and free digital distribution. Te publisers and te Series editor are teacers and researcers of writing, com-mitted to te principle tat knowledge sould freely circulate. We see te opportunities tat new tecnologies ave for furter democratizing knowledge. And we see tat to sare te power of writing is to sare te means for all to articulate teir needs, interest, and learning into te great experiment of literacy.
Revision History, heory, and Practice
Edited by Alice Horning and Anne Becker
Parlor Press West Lafayette, Indiana
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Parlor Press LLC, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
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Revision : istory, teory, and practice / edited by Alice Horning, Anne Becker.  p. cm. -- (Reference guides to retoric and composition)  Includes bibliograpical references and index.  ISBN 1-932559-75-2 (pbk. : alk. paper) -- ISBN 1-932559-76-0  (ardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 1-932559-77-9 (adobe ebook)  1. Editing. I. Horning, Alice S. II. Becker, Anne, 1944- .  III. Series.  PN162.H61 2006  808’.027--dc22  2006006625
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Contents Pxi 1 I  O3 Catherine Haar and Alice Horning3 2  D  D10 Catherine Haar Revision Defined by Scolars11 Revision Defined in Practice14 Revision as Correction15 Revision as Development and Discovery17 Revision as Retorical Goal-Setting and Function18 Revision as Assertion of Identity19 Students and Revision20 Crucial Role for Teacing Revision Well23 3  A R  W M R B  C P25 Anne Becker Early Models—Basic Processes and Teir Key Sub-Categories26 Task-centered Models—Assessing te Role of Reading and Memory in Revision31 Recent Researc—Continued Analysis and Testing to Validate Revision Models34 Instructional Tecniques39 Computers and Teir Impact on Writing Model Researc44 Implications for Classroom Instruction46
4  B W  R50 Alice Horning and Jeanie Robertson Defining Basic Writers50 Awarenesses and Basic Writers53 Skills and Basic Writers58 A “Pivotal Moment:” Some Suggestions and Recommendations61 5  R  ESL S63 Kasia Kietlinska History of te Discipline64 Diversity of te ESL Student Population65 Revision Attitudes of ESL Students67 Revision Patterns of ESL Students68 Revision Effectiveness of ESL Students69 Revision Feedback by Teacers71 Timing of Revision Feedback75 Most Effective Tecniques of Revision Feedback77 Peer Revision Feedback78 Alternative Strategies to Support Revision83 6  W’   T88 Robert Lamphear Handbooks89 Revision Focused Textbooks97 Readers99 Appendix: A Listing of Books from Major Composition Publisers100 7  R  W P/ T/D D102 Douglas Eyman and Colleen Reilly Scolarsip about Computer Applications and Revision102 Basic Computer Applications and Revision Strategies104 Cut and Paste105 Font Formatting105
Textual Analysis Tools106 Track Canges107 Higligting and Commenting109 Oter Applications for Peer Review110 Remediation, Redesign, and Revision112 Conclusion115 Appendix: Directions for Using te Track Canges Tool in Microsoft Word115 8  P W  R117 Alice Horning Awarenesses and Skills: A Summary117 Professionals’ Awareness118 Professionals’ Skills119 Metodology for te Case Studies121 Case studies: Writing Teachers Revising122 Background Questionnaire for Subject A122 Task Questionnaire for Subject A124 Observation of Subject A125 Analysis of Revising: Subject A127 Background Questionnaire for Subject B130 Task Questionnaire for Subject B131 Observation Report for Subject B132 Analysis of Revising: Subject B134 Cross-Case Analysis136 Pedagogical Suggestions: A Summary138 Appendix A: Background Questionnaire on Writing and Revising Strategies139 Appendix B: Questionnaire for Revising Session140 Appendix C: Practice Passage for Tink Aloud.141 9  C W  R142 David Stephen Calonne Creativity and Revision143 Writers on Revision147 Revision and Computers161
Te Role of Collaborators and Editors164 Revision of Proofs and Galleys165 Revision after Publication168 Scolars Study Revision: Process Criticism171 Wordswort, Parallel Texts, Nabokov, Poststructuralism, Hypertext and Beyond174 10  B C P177 Carol Trupiano Introduction177 Peer Review178 Writing Centers and Oter Writing Support Programs185 Portfolios188 Teacer and Student Conferences190 Group Review Exercise193 Modeling Exercise #1194 Modeling Exercise #2194 RolePlaying Exercise #1195 RolePlaying Exercise #2195 11  P G  W  T197 Cathleen Breidenbach Revision: A Complex, Intuitive, and Elusive Process198 Te Dangers of Practical Strategies199 Revision’s Secret Identity199 Te Fallacy of te Natural Writer200 Te Difference between Deep Revision and Final Editing202 Te Ants-at-a-Picnic Metapor203 Breaking Old Habits: Colorizing Comments204 Including Good News wit te Bad204 Building Time into te Process205 If It’s Not a Draft, It’s a Revision206
Risk-Free Revision207 Divide and Conquer—Clusters of Consideration208 Content: Argument, Logic, Narrative, Organization208 Rhetorical Decisions: Purpose, Genre, Audience, Tone, and Point of View210 Visualizing Henrietta211 Style214 Voice216 Mecanics218 Tis Muc We Know Is True—Writing Teacers Wo Write218 G220 Cathy McQueen
A B W C232 I245 C255