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Searching for Latini


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Tells the story of the author's quest to discover Brunetto Latini's legacy, through his influence on Dante Alighieri, his famous pupil.



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Published 07 August 2006
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S    L
M K
Searcing for Latini
Searcing for Latini
Micael Kleine
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Kleine, Micael, 948- Searcing for Latini / Micael Kleine.  p. cm.  Includes bibliograpical references and index.  ISBN -9559-85-X (pbk. : alk. paper) -- ISBN -9559-86-8 (ardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN -9559-87-6 (ado-be ebook : alk. paper) . Latini, Brunetto, -95. . Latini, Brunetto, -95--Influence. . Autors, Italian--To 5--Biograpy. 4. Dante Aligieri, 65-. I. Title.  PQ447.K64 6  88’.9--dc  67746
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For te most important women in my life:
My loving moter and mentor—Elaine Mullins Kleine My wonderful sister and lifelong friend— Patricia Rumbaugh My beloved daugter, now my guide—Amy Kleine My dear wife and partner—Susan Martin Kleine My moter-in-law and second moter— Isabel Martin Waggoner
Acknowledgmentsxi Introduction3 The Genesis of a Pilgrimage3 Toward a Motive and a Map8
P I: I S  A A  B15 Brunetto Latini, Notary and Writer17 Pre-Exile Praxis—Brunetto and the Brown Ink of Civic Writing21 Post-Exile Writing—Latini and the Dark Ink of Literary Posterity26 Latini, Teacer of Dante, By His Student Damned39 The First Path—Latini’s Teaching of Dante46 The Second Path—Dante’s Damnation of His Teacher52 The Third Path—Material/Historical Transcendence of the “Treasure”60 Te Currency of Latini’s Retorical Treasure65 Latini’s Vernacularization and Application of Cicero71
Latini’s Contributions to the Ars Dictaminis and the Rhetoric of Writing80 A Rhetorician for the Here and Now86
P II: T  O B  M O91 4 On Foot in Florence93 5 The Illuminating Presence of Julia Bolton Holloway108 Julia’s Story112 Latini’s Obscurity and the Revival of Interest in Him114 Latini and Orality115 Latini and Literacy116 Latini as Rhetorician117 Latini and the Canon of Arrangement118 Latini and a Curriculum for Ethical and Mediatory Applications of Rhetoric119 6 Homecoming and an Open Book123
Works Cited131 Index133 About the Author141
Albero: Dante’s organization of te Sevent Circle of Hell.56 Albero: Medieval conception of te guidance and control of te Human Being.57 Illumination : A stony trace of te past.94 Illumination : A street poem for peace.96 Illumination : Graffiti in teSottopassaggio. 98 Illumination 4:Sottopassaggiograffiti aimed at speakers of Englis.99 Illumination 5: Micelangelo’s carica-ture of Savaronola?100 Illumination 6: Bust of Cicero.101 Illumination 7: Column from Latini’s tomb, an obscure memorial.102 Illumination 8: Statue of Dante, next to Santa Croce.103 Illumination 9: Santa Maggiore, literal place of Latini’s “burial.”104 Illumination : Off te beaten track, on te Via Brunetto Latini.105 Illumination : Peace banner on te Via Brunetto Latini.106 Illumination : Banner urging for no more war on te Via Brunetto Latini.107
I  
Illumination 13: Gatehouse of the English Cemetery.108 Illumination 14: Julia Holloway with a copy of Latini’s Book.113 Illumination 15: Julia Holloway, a medieval-ist for the twenty-first century.121
As e travels fromInfernotoParadiso,Dante acknowledges guidance from bot Virgil and Beatrice. In my own pil-grimage, my searc for Dante’s teacer, Brunetto Latini, I ave enjoyed te guidance, especially, of my daugter, Amy Kleine, and te medievalist and Latini scolar, Julia Bolton Holloway. In Florence, it was my daugter’s intro-duction to Massimiliano Ciamenti, a Dante scolar and rock musician, tat led to my initial interest in Brunetto Latini. Trougout my searc, Amy as been an invalu-able resource, reader, and guide, elping me to understand better te Italian istory and culture in wic Latini needs to be situated. My reading of Julia Holloway’s important scolarsip regarding Latini, and also er marvelous trans-lation of Latini’s pilgrimage poem, were foundational to my understanding of Latini’s significance as a retorician and teacer. And Julia’s collaborative spirit, evinced in bot er emails to me and er conversation wit me in Florence, led me to te realization tat my “Book” is as muc about er work and influence as it is about Latini’s. My wife, Susan, also served as a guide, providing pa-tient reading of roug drafts and invaluable feedback as I struggled to find my way as a writer. And my uncle, Robert Kleine, a fellow pilgrim and friend, inspired me wit is own journey troug te ell of te Battle of te Bulge and is compelling written account of tat difficult and eroic journey.