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In Writers Without Borders: Writing and Teaching Writing in Troubled Times, Lynn Z. Bloom presents groundbreaking research on the nature of essays and on the political, philosophical, ethical, and pragmatic considerations that influence how we read, write, and teach them in times troubled by terrorism, transgressive students, and uses and abuses of the Internet. Writers Without Borders reinforces Bloom’s reputation for presenting innovative and sophisticated research with a writer’s art and a teacher’s heart. Each of the eleven essays addresses in its own way the essay itself as one way to live and learn with others.



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Published 02 July 2008
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L S  R  C Series Editors: Caterine Hobbs, Patricia Sullivan, Tomas Rickert, and Jennifer Bay
L S  R C Series Editors: Caterine Hobbs, Patricia Sullivan, Tomas Rickert, and Jennifer Bay
Te Lauer Series in Retoric and Compositiononors te contri-butions Janice Lauer Hutton as made to te emergence of Retoric and Composition as a disciplinary study. It publises scolarsip tat carries on Professor Lauer’s varied work in te istory of written reto-ric, disciplinarity in composition studies, contemporary pedagogical teory, and written literacy teory and researc.
Oter Books in te Series 1977: A Cultural Moment in Composition, by Brent Henze, Jack Selzer, and Wendy Sarer () Te Promise and Perils of Writing Program Administration,edited by Teresa Enos and Sane Borrowman () Untenured Faculty as Writing Program Administrators: Institutional Practices and Politics, edited by Debra Frank Dew and Alice Horning () Networked Process: Dissolving Boundaries of Process and Post-Process, by Helen Foster () Composing a Community: A History of Writing Across te Curriculum, edited by Susan H. McLeod and Margot Soven () Historical Studies of Writing Program Administration: Individuals, Communities, and te Formation of a Discipline,edited by Barbara L’Eplattenier and Lisa Mastrangelo (4). Winner of te WPA Best Book Award for 4-. Retorics, Poetics, and Cultures: Refiguring College Englis Studies (Expanded Edition) by James A. Berlin ()
Writers Witout Borders
Writing and Teacing Writing in Troubled Times
Lynn Z. Bloom
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Bloom, Lynn Z., 4- Writers witout borders : writing and teacing writing in troubled times / Lynn Z. Bloom.  p. cm. -- (Lauer series in retoric and composition)  Includes bibliograpical references and index.  ISBN ---- (pbk. : alk. paper) -- ISBN ---- (alk. paper) -- ISBN ---- (adobe ebook) . Englis language--Retoric--Study and teacing. . Essay--Autorsip--Study and teacing. . Report writing--Study and teacing. I. Title.  PE4.B4   ’.4--dc  
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To writers worldwide in tis universe unbounded, especially Martin Bloom
Acknowledgmentsix Introduction3
Part I On Essays and Oter Heartbreaking Works of Staggering Genius 9
 Academic Essays and te Vertical Pronoun11
Te Essay Canon25 Te Essayist in—and beind—te Essay: Vested Writers, Invested Readers56
4 Compression—Wen Less Says More71
Part II: Teacing Writing in—and Out of—Troubled Times 77 Writing Textbooks in/for Times of Trauma79 Te Great Process Paradigm and Its Legacy for te Twenty-First Century92
Te Ineluctable Elitism of Essays and Wy Tey Prevail in First-Year Composition Courses108 Good Enoug Writing123
Part III: Etical Issues of Teacing and Writing137
Te Good, te Bad, and te Ugly: Etical Principles for Dealing wit Students and Student Writing in Teacers’ Publications—and in te Abyss Beyond139
 Insider Writing: Plagiarism-Proof Assignments163  Negotiating te Grading Contract: No More Lobbying, Bullying or Crying172
Appendix  (C. , Te Essay Canon): Sortened Version of Bibliograpy of Canonical Readers181 Appendix  (C. ): Table . Te Essay Canon183 Appendix  (C. ): Writing in te Manner of Toreau (and Oter Nature Writers)187 Appendix 4 (C. ): Te Grading Contract Itself189
Notes195 Works Cited205 About te Autor221 Index223
One of te acknowledgments tat composition studies as canged from a narrowly bounded field to one witout borders was te creation of te Aetna Cair of Writing at te University of Connecticut, wic as been my privilege to old since its inception in . I ave en-joyed particular support from UConn colleagues and administrators, among tem Veronica Makowsky, Ross MacKinnon, Robert Tilton, and Tomas Deans. Penelope Pelizzon read te manuscript wit a keen eye and generous spirit. Te Aetna Endowment, te Englis department, and te College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of te University of Connecticut ave pro-vided a series of superb researc assistants during te decade of work on tis book: Katrine Aydelott, Denise M. Lovett, Mattew Simp-son, Valerie Smit, and Jenny Spinner. Teir exacting work, includ-ing unerring researc accuracy, unsparing critical sense, and teir own experience as teacers and writers, as made my work infinitely easier and muc better. Lori Corsini-Nelson, Writing Programs Specialist, as elped trougout te decade of tis researc in compiling and refining te essay canon data, keeping te paper flow on target and on time, and te intricate nuances of computer usage up to date. Te essay canon researc was partially funded by a researc grant from te National Council of Teacers of Englis. Editors of journals and books in wic many of tese essays ave appeared include Elizabet Blackburn-Brockman, Sane Borrow-man, Jon Boe, Barbara Couture, Robert Con Davis, Donald A. Dai-ker, Caroline Eisner, Patricia M. Gantt, Tomas Kent, Lynn Langer Meeks, Louise Z. Smit, Patrick Sullivan, Jon Paul Tassoni, William H. Telin, Howard Tinberg, Marta Vicinus, and Edward M. Wite. Several ave been friends and collaborators over te ever-canging course of our professional lives; all ave enlarged te range of te field, and perspectives on it.