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Business or individual, it is not always easy to understand finance or the stock market . So to help you, Yousribe offers a theme dedicated to this universe with many financial documents or related to the stock market or the world of finance such as studies, files, analyzes, articles, ebook, glossaries, etc.

Glossaries and definitions of financial terms

Finance is often considered by the media or by the population as a closed world, dangerous for the rest of the economy, even unhealthy. The various financial crises, and their consequences on the real world, which have affected the planet are not for nothing.

If despite this or especially because of this you want to know more about finance, the document sharing site Youscribe offers several financial documents with definitions of the most important terms . You will therefore know more about the stock market , the different types of finance or even the actors of finance.

Guides and advice on finance

Starting from the definitions and glossaries that you may have had on our various financial publications , you will be able to discover our various guides and advice on finance . Given by experts, these will allow you to do better in finance and the stock market.

With our guides or folders on finance , so you will better understand the different types of finance there: corporate finance , market finance , personal finance and public finance . It may also be interesting to study international finance .

Wide choice of financial study

Among the many financial documents and writings that you will find in this thematic, there are of course the studies or financial report (income statement and balance sheet). With these, you can better understand the health of a company or an organization.

Know finance

In your personal or business life, it is often important to know finance or at least how it works. Indeed, you may have to make decisions or take actions that will have financial consequences . This is why it is necessary to read documents or files on finance.

Like this if you want to go on the stock market, do optimized financial management, better understand the financial health of your competitors or customers or select the right financial institution, Youscribe offers you the document you need.

Also don't forget to share your documents related to finance or the stock market , so that you can share them with other people.