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Stock Market Investing - Day Trading Strategies to invest in Options and Stock -


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Are you financially secure? If you’ve got a steady job and relatively little debt, you could say yes. But what if your employer goes bankrupt or you get laid off? What if you suddenly have triplets and have to quit your 9-to-5 job to take care of them...while your expenses skyrocket? In short, do you have additional income that you can lean on to, if something extraordinary happens?
If you feel that you need an additional stream of income right away (or, maybe, a smart way to build wealth in the future), the best way to achieve your financial goals is investing in the stock market.
No matter if you have tens of thousands or just $100 to start with, there’s a suitable stock market strategy for every situation. The stock market has lots of tools to choose from: buy shares of companies that you love, invest in funds, try to profit from price fluctuations of stock prices, and many others!
This audiobook will introduce you to the art and science of stock market investing and trading.
Here’s what you’ll learn:
How to get started on the stock market safely
How to understand your financial objectives and pick appropriate investment and trading strategies
How to analyze the stock market like a pro and make super-profitable decisions
The truth about online trading
And much more!
As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to become a stock broker if trading becomes your passion!
It’s true that every investment carries some risk, at least theoretically. However, don’t let this scare you. Experts recommend that you start with low-risk, beginner-friendly investment strategies and then learn to create a balanced portfolio with just the right amount of risk that’s acceptable to you.
By the way, the stock market isn’t a scammy get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a perfectly legal opportunity to build wealth, provide additional income, and lets you be the proud co-owner of everyone’s favorite companies!
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Published 13 August 2020
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