Summary: In Pursuit of Elegance - Matthew E. Way
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Summary: In Pursuit of Elegance - Matthew E. Way



This work offers a summary of the book “IN PURSUIT OF ELEGANCE: Why the Best Ideas Have Something Missing” by Matthew E. May.Every business is in search of a product or concept that is elegant, that customers love so much that they recommend it to all their friends. Matthew E.May explains that there are four key elements to elegance: Symmetry, Seduction, Subtraction and Sustainable. Symmetry, for example, means that a product can be used in all conditions and circumstances. Symmetry also gives individuals the space to make their own decisions, rather than have them imposed. For example, when GM went into partnership with Toyota, productivity was increased by reducing job descriptions, and instilling two ideals: respect for others and increasing productivity. Everyone was responsible for both goals; productivity rose to record highs.May goes through each of the four elements, explaining the principles behind them and giving extensive case study analysis. Seduction, for example, hinges on giving people just enough information to pique curiosity, and create hype for your. The iPhone is a prime example – the Apple marketing campaign was kickstarted on one media conference. May believes that elegance can produce the perfect balance of maximum profitability through minimum effort: a goal every business would want to achieve.



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Published 30 April 2014
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Summary: In Pursuit of Elegance - Matthew E. Way