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The GiveBack Economy


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There are many articles & short guides about social innovation and social enterprise. Most are produced by government organizations that are in the process of defining these terms. Social innovation & enterprise is still in its infancy. Most articles and videos are geared towards definitions and the theory of this sector.
How will this book be different? Currently there is not a practical book on how to leverage social enterprise in a start up or existing business. This particular pair of authors bring a lot of experience and credibility. They talk the talk AND walk the walk!
Why Social Innovation & Social Enterprise?
Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship is a field that is just heating up. It is a business idea that has been fringe for a number of years, but that is growing more mainstream. Increasingly, the idea of social responsibility will be part of every business person’s agenda, especially as the Millennial generations is increasingly of an age to own and participate in business.
Proposed Table of Contents
Introduction to Social Innovation & Social Enterprise
­ What is social innovation and social enterprise?
­ What is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?
­ The Business Continuum (Charities/non profits .......for profits)
­ Triple Bottom Line
Chapter 1: Corporate Social Responsibility
­ How to get involved?
­ Small & medium sized business
­ Social enterprise & social innovators
­ What are the benefits of CSR?
­ What if you want to do more?
Chapter 2: Your IDEA
­ Where do social ideas come from?
­ Identifying the problem: Social problems & concerns
­ What’s happening in your community?
­ What’s happening in the world?
­ How does this impact people? Do people care?
­ Can you solve this?
­ Is your solution solving the problem?
­ Is it solving enough of the problem?
­ Is there a better way to solve it? (social justice)
­ What do you care about?
­ Is this compelling to others?
­ Can you get other passionate volunteers to start?
­ Proof of concept
­ Can you prove that people will use this solution?
­ Can you prove that people will like this solution?
­ Can you prove that someone will pay all, some or none of the cost of this solution?
Chapter 3: Communications, Marketing, Sales, Promotion and Media
­ Social Enterprise Revenue Generation Sources
­ Programs
­ Products
­ Services
­ Memberships / subscriptions
­ Social Enterprise Pricing Models
­ Client fee for service
­ Partial / Fully Subsidized models
­ Blended revenue models
­ Social Enterprise Distribution Models
­ Direct to client
­ Re-sellers / channel partners
­ Overseas partnerships
­ E-store
­ Marketing of a Social Enterprise
­ Communications­ email, social media, web conference, skype
­ Sales Team & Channel Partner Sales
­ Public Relations
­ Advertising
­ Guerilla marketing ­ events, celebrities, word of mouth
Chapter 4: Your TEAM (structure's attached) ? Core group
? Patrons
? Board of Directors
? Paid Advisors
? Volunteer Boards of Advisors
? Committees
? Management & Support
? Ambassadors & Community Teams
? Mentors (general and specific) and Coaches (general and specific)
Chapter 5: Operations, Administration and Technology Operations & HR
­ Volunteer management
­ Training
­ Bookkeeping & payroll
­ Logistics
­ Incorporation and B corporation
­ Structures (charities, not for profit, social enterprises, cooperatives)
­ Shared Platforms
­ Record and data keeping
­ Database
­ Web site & social media & portal
­ E-mail and e-store
­ Telephone system
Chapter 6: Financial
­ Financial Projections
­ Financial Sourcing
­ Revenue Streams
­ Granting
­ Fundraising / Sponsorships
­ Loans
­ Social Finance / Philanthropist
­ Angel Investors / Venture Capitalists
­ Alternative : Crowd-sourcing, Community Bonds
­ Financial Reporting
­ Investor Reports
­ Stakeholder Reports
Chapter 7: Action Planning Strategic Plan
Where now Where in 3­5 years How to get there
Business Plan
Lean Canvas & 1 page business plan Detailed business plan Implementation Plan
Measuring Results
Outputs­- financial and statistical SROI
Outcomes Measurement
Appendices Templates/forms



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