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The Goals Program


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  • Simple, yet direct approach to goal setting
  • Goal setting habits are a primary reason separating top 2% earners from everyone else
  • Zig Ziglar is the author of 33 books, with bestseller See You at the Top selling two million copies
  • Ziglar is the #1 brand in motivation
  • Social media platform exceeding 5 million



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1 - You And Your Goals Program
Life is Like a Cafeteria Line
Happiness is Now
Goals and Self-Image
Taking Action
“Bought Off” on Goals
2 - The Specifics Of Setting Goals
A Successful Goals Program Takes Time
Build Confidence for Big Ideas
Set a Goal, Ask a Question
Negative Goals, Give-Up Goals, and Go-Up Goals
The 5-Step Goal-Setting Process
A Plan of Action to Reach the Goal
3 - Reaching Your Goals In Life
How to Reach Those Goals
Success is a Journey
4 - Motivation+Information= Inspiration
Happiness is a Choice
Changing Your Mind = Prosperity and Success
Hope Leads to Change
Creativity Makes a Difference
Change Your Thinking
The Power of Visualization
5 - The Foundation For Greatness
A Serious Look at Values
The Little Things are Important
Discover, Develop and Motivate Yourself
6 - Overcoming Adversity To Live Your Dreams
Hamburger Flipper to CEO
What it Takes to Be SuccessfulTotal Success
One Last Look at Success
About the Author
Other Great Books by Zig ZiglarPraise for
The Goals Program
Goals are incredibly powerful. In fact, they can spell the difference between winning and
losing in so many areas of life: money, relationships, faith, and careers just to name a few. And
no one taught goal-setting better than Zig Ziglar. He was the master, and this book is proof of
—Dave Ramsey,
bestselling author and nationally syndicated
radio show host
I’ve always been a raving fan of Zig Ziglar and I always will be. What I love most about The
Goals Program is that as I am reading, I can hear Zig’s voice urging me to get busy. His
trademark enthusiasm and passion leap right off the page into my brain. If you need a jump
start on the way to your next goal, there’s no better book out there. Thanks, Zig!
—Ken Blanchard,
co-author of The New One Minute Manager®
and Leading at a Higher Level
For years, I have witnessed the consistent results evidenced in the lives of Zig Ziglar’s
children. Knowing for a fact that his material was always developed and proven within his own
family first, I cannot express how excited I am that e Goals Program: How To Stay Motivated is
being made available. is book contains the very best from a man who was the very best.
The first two copies of The Goals Program I purchase will be for my own teenaged boys.
—AAnnddyy AAnnddrreewwss,
New York Times bestselling author of
The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer
Zig Ziglar’s 7-step goal setting method is the best of breed. This is a powerful book.
—CChhrriiss WWiiddeenneerr,,
New York Times bestselling author
Millions have seen Zig speak, but no one has ever seen this book. Never-before-seen
manuscript on Zig’s legendary GOALS system is available for the first time in book form.
—Scott Hogle,
bestselling author of PERSUADEe wisdom of Zig Ziglar lives on. e Goals Program: How to Stay Motivated helps you move
from concentrating on the obstacles and difficulties instead of the benefits of taking action to
reach your goals. My advice: Get with the program!
—HHaarrvveeyy MMaacckkaayy,
author of the #1 New York Times bestseller
Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
This is a classic. Read it five times. Follow the steps and then read it again.
—SSeetthh GGooddiinn, Founder altMBA
anks to Zig Ziglar and the strategies in this book, I’ve achieved goals beyond what I once
imagined were even possible. If you want to learn the simplest and most effective way to
achieve goals beyond what you currently believe is possible for you, this is the book that will
show you how to do exactly that.
—Hal Elrod,
#1 bestselling author, The Miracle Morning and
The Miracle Equation
ere are very few books that I will read more than once. Zig Ziglar’s e Goals Program is
going on my annual reading list! If you have ANY desire to improve your goal-setting skill, the
time you put into this book will be the best investment you’ve made.
—Elliott Neff,
Chess4Life CEO and author of A Pawn’s Journey
WOW. Once again Zig Ziglar proves he is THE MASTER teacher as his new book is FULL of
GOLD for the Mind and Heart. He changed my life the first speech I saw him give decades
ago and still is changing my life with this new goldmine of a book, e Goals Program, for
business and life success. Absolute Genius.
—Dr. Doug Firebaugh