The New Sustainability Advantage
192 Pages

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The New Sustainability Advantage


192 Pages

You can change the print size of this book


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  • The New Sustainability Advantage shows how the benefits of the "triple bottom line" can increase a typical company's profits by fifty-one to eighty-one percent within five years, depending on the company's size and industry sector, while avoiding risks that could jeopardize its financial well-being.

    Fully revised and updated, this tenth anniversary edition clearly demonstrates that, by focusing on seven powerful yet easy to grasp sustainability strategies, businesses can:

    Increase revenue
    Improve productivity
    Reduce expenses
    Decrease risks

    Expressed in clear business language and presented in an appealing, graphically rich format, this practical guide and the accompanying online Sustainability Advantage Simulator Dashboard enables executives to enter their own data and quickly identify the high-leverage benefit areas for their organization. More detailed downloadable spreadsheets help them drill down into specific areas of interest and fine-tune the assumptions to their specific situation.

    An indispensable tool for both sustainability champions and senior management, The New Sustainability Advantage proves that the quantified business case for sustainability is more compelling than ever before.

    Bob Willard gave up an award-winning successful career in senior management at IBM to devote himself full-time to building corporate commitment to sustainability. Widely in demand as a speaker, he has delivered hundreds of presentations demonstrating the business case for sustainability to companies, consultants, academics, and NGOs worldwide. Bob is the author of The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook, The Next Sustainability Wave, and the original edition of The Sustainability Advantage.

    The New Sustainability Advantage – Table of Contents
    Preface to the Second Edition
    The Premise
    Definitions, Terminology, and Frameworks
    Definitions of a Sustainable Society
    The Need for a Relevant, Aligned Business Case
    Typical Companies and Time Horizons

    Benefit 1: Increased Revenue and Market Share
    More Revenue from Current Products and Markets
    Revenue from New Products and Markets
    Revenue from Services and Leasing
    Potential Benefit from Increased Revenue and Market Share

    Benefit 2: Reduced Energy Expenses
    The Lowest-Hanging Fruit
    Saving Energy in Buildings: An Inside Job
    Computing Energy Savings in IT
    Driving Energy Savings in Transportation
    Renewing Energy Savings with Substitutions
    The Secret Sauce of Energy Savings: People
    Energized Energy Expenses

    Benefit 3: Rethinking Waste Expenses
    In Bed with Embedded Waste
    The Four-Factor Formula for the Full Cost of Waste
    Company Efforts to Avoid Waste
    Bonus: Revenue from Selling Waste
    Waste Savings Help Fund Other ESG Projects

    Benefit 4: Reduced Materials and Water Expenses
    Saving Natural Capital Saves Financial Capital
    Savings on Water
    Savings on Consumables and Paper
    Materials Savings Help Fund Other ESG Projects

    Benefit 5: Increased Employee Productivity
    Purpose Powers Performance
    Engagement Drives Business Results
    Increased Productivity from Reduced Absenteeism
    Increased Productivity from More Telecommuting and Less Travel
    Increased Productivity from Green Buildings
    Increased Productivity and Innovation from Improved Collaboration
    Increased Productivity and Innovation from Higher Engagement
    Potential Increased Employee Productivity

    Benefit 6: Reduced Hiring and Attrition Expenses
    The War for Talent Still Rages
    A Sustainable Enterprise is a Talent Magnet
    Paying the Price for Voluntary Turnover
    Healthy Hiring Savings on Involuntary Turnover and New Hires

    Benefit 7: Reduced Risk
    Standard 2-Part Business Case
    Four Categories of Risk
    Strategic Risk Mitigation
    Operational Risk Mitigation
    Compliance Risk Mitigation
    Financial / Stock Price Risk Mitigation
    The Burning Platform of Risks

    Bottom-Line Benefits for M&D Inc.
    Bottom-Line Benefits for Sam’s Services
    What’s In It for You?
    What about the Costs?
    Why the Business Case Is Hopeless
    Why the Business Case Is Perfect to Get Us to the Tipping Point
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