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Shortlisted for the Judges’ Choice Award, The Business Book Awards 2017

In a world of increasingly digitised interactions it’s more essential than ever for businesses to connect with their customers and staff on a human level.  

Trusted gives clear strategies to build and maintain deep professional relationships, authentically. The revolutionary T-spot model explores the five essential areas that must be aligned to create professional trust - mindset, communication, interaction, behaviour and professional image - and reveals where the ‘credibility thief’ is damaging that trust and, ultimately, your profits.

Beautifully designed with concepts illustrated visually throughout, Trusted is full of inspirational ideas, top tips and insights drawn from the authors’ work with world-class organisations. It shows leaders how to focus on the skills that impact on the client experience and the company’s ability to deliver outstanding service, resulting in improved profits, employee retention, company growth and competitive advantage.



The T-Spot Model

Marginal gains

Things to look out for

Starting the journey

SECTION 1 Mindset

Growth mindset

What you can do to move to a growth mindset

How you can inspire your team to have a growth mindset

Emotional intelligence

Brain chemistry

Unconscious bias


Priming your mind

Managing your mindset

Well-being and employee benefits in the workplace

Overcoming mindset barriers


Credibility sleuth and credibility thief

SECTION 2 Communication

What is rapport?

Small talk or deeper connection

Hello, my name is…

Body language

Verbal communication

Communication styles

Understanding communication differences

Transactional or tailored?

Case study: Going from good to great after scaling up

Credibility sleuth and credibility thief

SECTION 3 Interaction

The importance of building outstanding client relationships

Visibility: The paradox of technology

Digitisation: Generational differences

Case study: Treading a fine line between digitised and personal interactions

The power of face-to-face

The human moment



Case study: Building trust through quality interactions

Credibility statement

Client intelligence


Case study: Getting on the radar

Credibility sleuth and credibility thief

SECTION 4 Behaviour

Managing behaviour

Case study: Managing behaviour in the moment

Managing negative behaviour

Setting behaviour expectations

Creating an internal culture with a client-centric service vision

Positive behaviours

Non-negotiable standards

Case study: Keeping a family culture while expanding the business

Doing the right thing

Case study: PRIDE in their legendary service

Substantiated value

Case study: Client expectations of a global organisation

Case study: Client expectations of a low-cost organisation

Measuring behaviour

Client satisfaction

Rewarding behaviour

Service recovery

Behaviour in communication

Habits detrimental to building relationships

Brand sabotage

Removing barriers


Credibility sleuth and credibility thief

5 Professional image

What we wear can make us feel more confident

Cycle of success

People judge us by what we wear

Reflecting the culture of your organisation while remaining authentic

Personal style: Blending in or standing out

How much authority you need to display

The type of clients you are meeting

What is appropriate for different situations?

Dress codes

The messages you wish to send out

Environmental considerations

Considering the ‘team look’

Summary: Professional image

Case study: Aligning personal brand with corporate brand 

Credibility sleuth and credibility thief

Moving forward

Bringing Trusted to your organisation


References and research

Recommended further reading

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