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September 1978. 11,700 hard rock miners and smelter and refinery workers at Inco’s Sudbury operations face a stark choice. Should they remain on the job? Or take seemingly suicidal strike action against a huge multinational that has stocked up enough nickel to last a year?
A fateful choice is made. It changes the lives of newlyweds Jake and Jo Ann McCool and the Canadian labour movement forever. Against a backdrop of unrelenting winter and swirling changes in social mores, the ensuing struggle triggers epical challenges few could have foreseen.
The third and final volume of Mick Lowe’s sweeping Nickel Range Trilogy, Wintersong, is working class literature at it’s best, echoing the great tradition of writers like Upton Sinclair, Theodore Dreiser, Steinbeck and Dos Passos.


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Published 11 May 2017
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Wintersong The Nickel Range Trilogy • Volume 3
mick lowe
Wintersong The Nickel Range Trilogy • Volume 3
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PART ONE Fall 1 “Out ’til the Grass is Green!” 2 Disarmed, Still Dangerous 3 Council of War 4 “Every Miner Had a Mother” 5 Off the Chain 6 Southern Swing 7 Mission to Bay Street 8 Molly Keeps the Peace 9 Below the Water Line 10 The Kindness of Strangers (1) 11 The Kindness of Strangers (2) 12 The Wives Hold a Christmas Party PART TWO Winter
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Lunch Bag Let Down—and a Surprise Announcement The Mayor Drops a Bomb Spook’s Return Thompson Settles, and Jordan Nelson Makes a Rare Misstep Tipping Points
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PART THREE Early Spring
18 The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight and Heartening News from the Financial Page
PART FOUR Late Spring 19 Spring Comes to the Lines 20 Return of the Boreal 21 The Wives, Embattled 22 The Mad Bomber 23 Pit Stop 24 Parsing a CBA 25 Doctor’s Appointment 26 Selling the CBA 27 The Wives, Divided 28 Security Detail 29 One Tough Meeting 3o The Wives Take a Stand 31 The Wives Speak Out 32 Interlude 33 Southwind on the Move 34 History Is Made at the Steel Hall 35 Thirty and Out 36 261
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Mick Lowe (Oryst Sawchuk, 2017)