And the World Was Forever Changed : Columbus Brought Plants, Animals and Diseases | Lessons of History Grade 3 | Children's Exploration Books


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Columbus forever changed America the moment he discovered it. Because along with his discovery are the new species of plants and animals that be introduced to the natives. Also, there were diseases that were felt by the natives for the first time. This book focuses on the many changes that came with Columbus’ discovery. Read about them today.



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Published 22 November 2019
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Columbus Brought Plants, Animals and Diseases
Lessons of History Grade 3 | Children’s Exploration Books

EDUCATION KIDS Christopher Columbus “Discovered” the New World 7
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The Columbian Exchange 13
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519-4043 www speedybookstore com Diseases That Devastated Native Populations 60
10 9 8 7 6 * 5 4 3 2 1 Diseases That Devastated Animals 65
Print Edition: 9781541953055 Infestation of Rats 69
Digital Edition: 9781541956056
Sand Fleas Spread to the Old World 72
A Shortage of Labor Starts the Practice of Slavery See the world in pictures Build your knowledge in style
in the New World 75https://www speedypublishing com/
Summary 81

Christopher Columbus’
5embarkation and departure
from the port of Palos,
Spain on August 3, 1492
n this book, we’re going to
talk about the influence of I Columbus’s arrival in the
New World, so let’s get right to it!