Anna Mei, Cartoon Girl
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Anna Mei, Cartoon Girl



It’s not easy being eleven—especially for Anna Mei Anderson. How is she ever going to fit in with the other sixth graders when she has an unusual name that’s associated with the Japanese cartoon, an adoptive family she doesn’t remotely resemble, and an unknown birth mother somewhere back in China? She figures she’d better get busy transforming herself into someone who’s less...unusual.



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Anna Mei, Cartoon Girl
Anna Mei
By Carol A. Grund
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Grund, Carol A.  Anna Mei, cartoon girl / by Carol A. Grund.  p. cm.  Summary: When eleven-year-old Anna Mei, who was adopted from China, moves from Boston to small-town Michigan, she finds herself questioning her identity, family history, and more as she seeks a way to fit in.  ISBN 0-8198-0788-5 (pbk.) [1. Moving, Household--Fiction. 2. Adoption--Fiction. 3. Chinese Amer-icans--Fiction. 4. Schools--Fiction. 5. Identity--Fiction. 6. Individuality--Fiction. 7. Family life--Michigan--Fiction. 8. Michigan--Fiction.] I. Title.  PZ7.G9328Ann 2010  [Fic]--dc22  2009031628
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For Jim, who is my heart; Matthew, Paul, and David, who are my light and inspiration; my parents, who provided merely a lifetime of support; and my editor extraordinaire, Diane, who coaxed Anna Mei out of the desk drawer and gave her a home.
Chapter One The New Kid
Chapter Two Lucky Student Number 24
Chapter Three Today’s Special
Chapter Four The Ponytail Club
Chapter Five Ugly Bedroom Blues
Chapter Six Science Partners
Chapter Seven More Projects
Chapter Eight Princess Anna Mei
Chapter Nine One of These Things
Chapter Ten Saturday Nightmare
Chapter Eleven Lunch, Anyone?
Chapter Twelve A Different Danny
Chapter Thirteen Just a Little White Lie
Chapter Fourteen Fatal Phone Call
Chapter Fifteen The Fall Follies
Chapter Sixteen Shake, Rattle and Roll
Chapter Seventeen November Arrives
Chapter Eighteen Lucky Charms
Chapter Nineteen “My Daughter, Mei Lei”
Chapter Twenty Teamwork
Chapter Twenty-One Goodbye, Ponytails
Chapter Twenty-Two Introducing Anna Mei
C h a p t e r O n e
The Kid
nna Mei squeezed between the packing boxes Ao the mirror propped against a wall. scattered around her bedroom, trying to see int She knew her jeans were okay. They were new without being I-got-these-at-the-mall-yesterday new. And she couldn’t go wrong with layered T-shirts, purple over white. It was the shoes she needed to check out—the hot-pink sneakers with silver laces, the ones she had chosen months ago at the department store back home in Boston. They’d seemed so cute then, so perfect for starting sixth grade. But now that they were on her feet, and her feet were far from home, she worried they might be perfect only if your goal was getting laughed back intofifthgrade.
A n n a M e i , C a r t o o n G i r l
“Anna Mei!” her mother called from downstairs. “You don’t want to be late on your very first day!” “Guess again,” she answered, too softly for her mother to hear. But Cleo heard, and she came to sympathize by rubbing against Anna Mei’s leg. “I wish I could stay here with you,” Anna Mei told her, reaching down to stroke the cat’s gray and white fur. “But Mom and Dad have this crazy idea that I should go to school today.” In fact, her parents had been full of crazy ideas lately. It had really started a year ago, when Anna Mei’s grandmother died. She and Anna Mei’s mother had been very close, so it was no surprise that Mom took it pretty hard. The surprise came on the day her parents announced they were moving to Michigan. Mom decided she wanted to be near the only family she had left, and that meant the small town where her sister—Anna Mei’s Aunt Karen—lived with her husband and two kids. Of course Anna Mei had tried to talk them out of it, but their minds were made up. Her father had already taken a job doing research for a university, and her mother planned to find a nursing job as soon as they were settled. All through the weeks of packing, they kept insisting that their new life in Michigan would be as good as the old one in Massachusetts. Better,in fact. Even when unexpected delays meant Anna Mei would miss the first two weeks of school,