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Fantasy Stories


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Magical adventures in the land of unicorns, fairies, and sorcerers!

Eight fantasy stories especially written for big boys and girls. Magical texts sparkling with enchantment and lively illustrations will help your child discover the pleasure of reading on their own.

Ideal for ages 6 to 9.

Included in this volume:

- Super-Jojo Plays Hooky
- Little Froggy’s Fairy Tale
- The Princess Tree
- King Triton, the Moon, and the Little Mermaid
- Snowflake’s Wings
- The Jungle on Ice
- A Genie’s Appetite
- Attack! Thief!



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Published 19 December 2012
Reads 395
EAN13 9782215121985
Language English

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Every day, Super-Jojo sighed as he entered the gates of superhero school. He dragged his heels because he’d much rather be outside, playing hooky! So one morning, while the teacher was writing on the white board, Super-Jojo slipped on his superhero cape and, woosh, he flew out of the window. The teacher saw him and was frantic: “Super-Jojo! Come back here right now! Outside, there’s a…” A what? Super-Jojo was flying way too fast to hear the end of her sentence. Oh, never mind!
He was flying straight ahead when suddenly he heard a voice down below crying out, “Help, help, someone help me!” Super-Jojo stopped in mid-air. It must surely be a princess in danger! He scanned the ground below and saw something strange. There! by the side of a pond covered in waterlilies! He did a nose dive, made a nice smooth landing, and… oh no… It wasn’t a princess… It was Mrs. Chubby, the plumpest baker in town! Poor thing! There she was, tied up and sitting in the middle of a checked tablecloth. Next to her sat salt and pepper shakers and a knife and fork – just as though someone was about to eat her for lunch…
Super-Jojo approached to free her, but just at that moment the ground began to shake. Startled, he looked up and at last understood what his teacher had been trying to shout to him earlier: “Come back, Super-Jojo! There’s an ogre on the loose!” For there, right in front of him, was an enormous terrifying ogre. He snatched up Super-Jojo and looked him over with a hungry glint in his eye. In panic, Super-Jojo kicked his feet struggling to get free, but it was no use. He was no
match for the strength of this monster. Oh, if only he had paid attention to that lesson about “How to Fight Super Villains”…
But that day, instead of doing his homework, he had been busy playing with his best friend Super-Mimi shooting spitballs… But wait, that gave him an idea! The ogre was just on the point of gobbling him up when Super-Jojo shouted, “Mister, a baker and a kid for lunch, that’s not a very well-balanced diet!” The monster growled, “What are you talking about?” – “I could fix you some nice lily pad-balls. They’re good for the digestion!” The ogre rubbed his fat belly and grumbled, “Hmm, why not… But be careful, I’m watching you.”
As soon as the ogre put him back down, Super-Jojo ran off to pick a few big green lily pads. Then, in a lightning super-attack, he caught a toad, held it over the leaves, and tickled its belly. The toad burst out laughing and dribbled so much toad-spittle that the lily pads got good and sticky. Super-Jojo rolled them up into nice little balls and, with a perfectly innocent look on his face, offered them to the ogre, saying politely, “Bon appétit!” The gluttonous ogre stuffed them into his mouth and chewed and chewed and chewed…
until suddenly he chewed no more: his teeth, his tongue, his cheeks were all so glued together he couldn’t even open his mouth anymore! While the ogre was moaning and groaning, Super-Jojo freed the baker and flew off back to school. He couldn’t wait to tell everyone how, with the help of a few sticky lily pads, he had conquered an ogre all on his own!