Lily B on the Brink of Paris
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Lily B on the Brink of Paris



Be on the brink of Lily B's world with her third and fantastically funny diary!

Lily Blennerhasset is VERY excited. She is on a school trip with her classmates to Paris (nay, Pareee) - a city of sophistication and culture. Here is real material for a future famous novelist such as herself. Lily is convinced that, years hence, readers will peruse her diary entries and Paris will Literally Spring to Life before them. The pages themselves will smell lightly of dijon mustard and baguettes... But when Lily gets 'Separated From The Group' (breaking her mother's biggest commandment) she embarks on adventure involving tourist traps, accidental consumption of cow tongue and a WHOLE different take on Pareee...



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Published 03 August 2006
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EAN13 9780141933061
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Lily B on the Brink of Paris