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How to Throw the Ultimate Divorce Party


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32 Pages

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Are you newly or soon-to-be divorced? The aftermath of a divorce can be very emotional; you may be left feeling heartbroken or angry. A common assumption is that a divorce means you and your spouse failed at marriage, but with approximately 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, it’s time to reinvent the meaning of the word!
Divorce can be an opportunity for renewal and for reexamining your goals as you start the next exciting chapter in your life. Holding a divorce party can be a great way for you to heal, and it can be an occasion for your loved ones to do the same. After all, your divorce may have affected others such as your extended family members and mutual friends. If you and your ex-spouse are on good terms, you can host a joint divorce party to demonstrate that your loved ones do not have to choose sides or to signify a continued commitment to raising your children together.
Alternatively, hosting a divorce party solo can symbolize that you’re ready to move on and meet new people. You can poke fun at your ex-spouse, celebrate the warm memories you had with him or her, or concentrate on you and what you want going forward.
Along with step-by-step instructions for hosting the ultimate divorce party, How to Throw the Ultimate Divorce Party goes deeper to look at the situations often surrounding divorce and divorce parties, and offers sound advice about moving on from a divorce in a healthy and positive way.
Topics include:
· A "how-to" party planning guide
· The different types of divorce parties, celebrations, and ceremonies
· Discussions with a lawyer, celebrants, and event planner to answer common questions
· Helpful resources for event planning and for the newly and soon-to-be divorced
· Checklists to keep you organized
· ― And more!
How to Throw the Ultimate Divorce Party contains all the information you need to plan your event, so you can mark the occasion and move forward with confidence!
Title Page
Divorce Parties: What’s the Deal?
1.1 Celebrities Are Doing It
1.2 “Regular People” Are Catching Divorce Party Fever
1.3 Events and Products for Divorce Parties
1.4 The New Trend in Event Planning and Life-Milestone Celebrating
Dealing with Your Concerns before the Party
2.1 Legal Considerations
2.2 Explaining the Party to Friends and Family
Divorce Ceremonies: Journeys of Personal and Emotional Growth
The Divorce Party Plan
4.1 Joint or Sole Party or Ceremony?
4.2 Theme Parties
4.3 The Budget
4.4 The Invitees
4.5 Venue
4.6 Setting a Date
4.7 Food and Beverages
4.8 The Timeline
4.9 Entertainment
4.10 Invitations
4.11 Decorations and/or Floral Arrangements
4.12 Party Favors or Gifts for Guests
4.13 Photographer (or Videographer)
4.14 Transportation
4.15 The Registry
4.16 Your Outfit
4.17 Preparing for the Unexpected
Moving Forward
6.1 Resources for the Newly or Soon-to-Be Divorced
6.2 Resources for Event Planning
6.3 Websites, Services, Articles, and Videos for Divorce and Event Planning



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