In the Ice Caves of Krog (The Secrets of Droon #20)

In the Ice Caves of Krog (The Secrets of Droon #20)


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Forget Frosty... there's a new snowman tromping through Droon! An ancient snow beast named Murn has woken up from a deep sleep, and he is NOT a morning person. In fact, Murn is destroying villages all over Droon! Eric and his friends must journey up north to the mysterious ice caves to stop the beast. Finding the cave entrance is tricky, but that's nothing compared to what they find deep inside. Surprise! The "ice beast" is not at all what they expected...



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Published 24 November 2015
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Eric Hinkle sat with his friends Julie and Neal at a table in the art room at school. He was rocking quietly in his chair. He was smiling. “Will you sit still?” said Neal, pushing a paintbrush across a piece of paper. “I have to paint your picture. But with all your wiggling, you’ll end up looking like a monkey!” “I can’t sit still,” said Eric. “At least take your gloves off,” said Julie, dipping her brush in a cup of water. “It’s cold out, but you’re inside now. Besides, Mrs. Michaels said we should paint. You’d better get started.” Eric looked down at his gloves and smiled again. “I can’t get started. Look at this.” He glanced around the room. The other kids were busy painting or talking quietly while their teacher strolled between the tables. Making sure no one was watching, Eric took the little cup of water in front of him, lifted it high overhead, and turned it upside down. “Eric — !” Julie shielded her picture. But the water didn’t splash out. Thwap!A small block of ice slid out of the cup and landed in his hand. “Whoa!” said Neal. “How did that happen?” Eric grinned. “I touched it. And that’s not all. Since I woke up yesterday, my wizard powers have been totally nuts. I think they’re gettingstronger….Wizard powers. That’s right. He was Eric Hinkle. Boy wizard. As Julie and Neal leaned toward him, their eyes wide, Eric recalled how he got his powers. He loved to remember the exact moment. It was in Droon, of course. Where else could such a magical thing happen? Droon was the fantastic world the three of them had discovered one day in his basement. It was a land of danger, mystery, and adventure. Droon was also a place of amazing friends. It was there that Princess Keeah, their best friend, had saved Eric from falling into a bottomless pit. Blam!She shot a blaze of blue wizard light. And suddenly he was safe. But that moment changed Eric’s life forever. Soon after, he discovered blue sparks shooting from his own fingertips. Then he began having visions of things that hadn’t happened yet. And strange words popped suddenly into his head. Magical words. At first, he thought it had all been a weird mistake. But the great old wizard Galen told him, “I do not believe you won the powers by accident. There is a greater purpose here.” Eric knew part of that purpose, of course. With magical powers, he could help Droon win its terrible battle against Lord Sparr. Sparr, the sorcerer. Sparr, the ruler of the Dark Lands. Sparr, the creator of the Coiled Viper, the Red Eye of Dawn, and the Golden Wasp. Sparr the weird, Sparr the creepy, Sparr the — “So come on already!” said Julie. “Tell us!” “Oh, sorry.” Eric took a deep breath. “Well, first of all, yesterday morning, I felt my hands getting really, really hot. A minute later, I pulled the bathroom door completely off its hinges!” Neal gave out a low whistle. “I’m pretty sure your dad will take that out of your allowance.” “No kidding,” said Eric. “Then, clearing the kitchen table last night, I broke three dishes —” Julie winced. “I hate the sound when dishes hit the floor!” “They didn’t hit the floor,” said Eric. “They hit the ceiling! That was just after I became my own personal microwave and zapped a slice of pizza to dust — right in my hand!” Neal blinked. “Pizza? What kind of pizza —?” “Never mind about that,” said Julie. “Eric, did your parents see anything?” He shook his head. “No. They just think I’m the king of klutziness.” Neal laughed. “Then maybe you can hang this in your palace —” He showed them his painting. Eric’s head was tiny but his eyes were huge. “Thanks a lot,” Eric said with a laugh. “But here’s the weirdest part of all. You know how I always shoot off blue sparks? Well …” Keeping his hands under the table, Eric carefully tugged his gloves off. The instant he did, bright silver sparks blazed from his fingertips and sprayed wildly to the floor. “Cool, huh?” Silversparks?” said Julie. “That’s new.” “New and way more powerful,” said Eric, tugging his gloves on and quickly painting a picture of Neal. “Even Keeah doesn’t have sparks like these. I feel as if I can do anything —” “Except maybe paint,” said Neal, looking at Eric’s paper. “NowIlook like a monkey!” Mrs. Michaels tapped her desk. “Please finish up. Put your paintings on the back table to dry.” Julie slid her watercolor kit and some paper into her pocket and went to the back of the art room. On a recent adventure in Droon, she had been scratched by a wingwolf and had gained the ability to fly and sometimes to change shape.
“I thought flying was weird,” she said. “It’s a piece of cake compared to Eric’s new powers.” “Cake?” said Neal. “What kind of cake?” Eric laughed as he put his painting on the table. “I have to show Keeah what I can do. I sure wish we could go to Droon right now —” Kkkkk!A sudden crackle came over the school intercom, and a voice began to speak. “Due to the weather, school will be dismissed early. Buses will be called in five minutes!”