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My Scrapbook of Discoveries and Inventions (by Professor Genius)


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The wise Professor Genius opens up the pages of his personal Scrapbook of Discoveries and Inventions.



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Published 09 August 2012
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My Scrapbook of DISCOVandERIES INVENTIONS Professor Genius
My Scrapbook of Discoveries and Inventions by Professor Genius
As you open this scrapbook… Stop for a moment and take a good look at all the different objects around you. What do you see? Books, pencils, a blanket, a glass, a telephone, a bedside lamp, or perhaps a television? These objects are so much a part of everyday life that we often forget they didn’t always exist. In fact, most of the things we take for granted are here only because of the work of the clever, daring, insightful, curious, talented, and resourceful inventors that came before us!
Over the years I have collected newspapers, magazines, books, and photographs that are witness to the incredible ingenuity of human beings. Today I want to share these stories with you and, at the same time, pay tribute to the many people who “invented” modern life for us. “My Scrapbook of Discoveries and Inventions” is a voyage that spans thousands of years, from the invention of the wheel to the introduction of the computer and the Internet.
History is full of fascinating stories about the circumstances that led to the creation of many amazing discoveries and inventions, great and small. Unfortunately, there wasn’t room in my scrapbook for all of them! I have had to make some difficult choices in order to present you with the ones that seemed to be the most significant. I sincerely hope that this brief overview will encourage you to search for other interesting stories!
Have fun reading this scrapbook and never forget to ask questions and let your imagination run free. Who knows? You may be one of the people who will “invent” tomorrow’s world!
Professor Genius
Montreal, March 3, 2004
Hello, my friend Genius,
I had a terrific time reading your book on discoveries and inventions. I felt like I’d been taken on a trip in a time machine. The road human beings have traveled since the invention of the wheel is incredible! And yet, there is so much more to do, because everything can always be improved.
As you probably know, Genius, people often imagine an inventor as a bearded, slightly balding elderly man with glasses on the tip of his nose, fussing about with his test tubes… But you and I both know this isn’t true! Tomorrow’s inventors, my friend, are the young readers to whom you’ve dedicated your scrapbook. Congratulations on this wonderful initiative of yours. I hope to have the great pleasure of welcoming these future inventors to my Inventarium!
And always remember my old saying, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Daniel Paquette Police officer (retired) and inventor
MyfriendDanielPaquetteisaretiredpolice officer. He is the founding president of the “Inventarium,” a service center created for inventors, to help them protect, develop, and market their inventions. To learn more, I invite you to visit my friend’s website at www.inventarium.com
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For ages 10 and over
The characters in Professor Genius’ world, except for Mr. Daniel Paquette and those mentioned in the Acknowledgments, are pure fantasy. Any resemblance to actual living persons is entirely coincidental. Although the facts they contain are accurate, the newspaper articles, old letters, books, and magazines drawn from the professor’s personal collection are all products of the imagination of the creators of this scrapbook.
Printed and bound in Singapore.
My scrapbook of discoveries and inventions (by Professor Genius)
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