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My Scrapbook of Music (by Professor Genius)


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Take a look inside Professor Genius’ Scrapbook of Music. This book covers the entire history of musical expression, from
prehistoric times right up until today, from the very first sounds to the MP3 player.



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Published 09 August 2012
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My scrapbook of MUSIC Professor Genius
My Scrapbook of Music by Professor Genius
As you open this scrapbook… Do you know what music lovers are? They are people who have a passion for all kinds of music… like me! The art of music has been around for a very long time. Music is witness to the traditions and culture of every civilization throughout time. What I really like about music is that it not only entertains us, but is also a way to bring people together. Indeed, we don’t have to speak a particular language to understand it. All we have to do is stop and listen…
I love music! I love its richness and its colors. Over the years, I’ve gathered newspaper clippings, magazines, and excerpts from encyclopedias. Many friends have shared their musical experiences with me, too. I now hand them over to you in "My Scrapbook of Music." Inside, you’ll find a wealth of musical treasures, including the instruments that create music as well as how it is written. I’ve also chosen to pay tribute to the people who have contributed so much to this art. There are so many magnificent works of music that the pages of my scrapbook could never hold them all. And so, I made the difficult choice of selecting only those that have marked musical history in some way..
You can also take a tour on my Web site www.geniusinfo.net. Here you can listen to samples of instrument sounds as well as the musical works I mention throughout the book.
Happy reading, and enjoy listening to this music that is so dear to my heart. Who knows… This scrapbook might even make a music lover of you, too!
Professor Genius
Dear Professor Genius,
Montreal, April 14, 2006
I am delighted with the text you sent me. As you know, I’m a music lover and an enthusiast of everything there is to do with music—its history, musicians, instruments, the voice, etc.
It was with great pleasure and keen interest that I read your book. Inside, I discovered new ways of looking at concepts and all the things I’d learned as a child. I also discovered plenty of information about music that I didn’t know.
Reading your book, Professor, has reminded me how much the world of music is one of great individuals, passion, creation, and beauty. It is also a world with a truly rich history.
Congratulations, Professor Genius, and many thanks.
Gregory Charles
My friend Gregory Charles is full of energy.. He is a musician who not only plays the piano, but also sings and dances! He finds choral singing especially attractive and, for many years, has conducted the choir Les Chœurs du Nouveau Monde. Gregory Charles is, without doubt, one of the most dedicated music lovers.
Professor Genius 329 de la Commune St. West 3rd Floor Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2E1 Canada
The characters in Professor Genius’s world, except for Gregory Charles and those mentioned in the Acknowledgments, are pure fantasy. Any resemblance to actual living persons is entirely coincidental. Although the facts they contain are accurate, the newspaper articles, old letters, books, and magazines drawn from the professor’s personal collection are all products of the imagination of the creators of this scrapbook.
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My Scrapbook of Music (by Professor Genius)
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