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My Scrapbook of the Universe (by Professor Genius)


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Professor Genius invites us to discover his own personal scrapbook about the universe. In this volume, the friendly scholar discusses the prominent themes related to this subject
in the simplest manner, in an accessible style that engages the reader.



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Published 09 August 2012
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My Scrapbook of the UNIVERSE Professor Genius
My Scrapbook of the Universe by Professor Genius
QA Kids
As you open this scrapbook… Just like me, I’m sure you ask yourself millions of questions... Did the universe have a beginning? What are the planets made of? Do other life forms exist elsewhere in the universe? So many human beings before us have looked at the night sky and asked themselves the same questions. Our ancestors created all types of beautiful stories to try to explain our origins. Years later, scientists have developed many theories to explain the world around us.
The first astronomers had only their eyes to search the skies. Today, we have sophisticated telescopes, satellites, and space probes to help us study distant celestial bodies. But, surprisingly, all the new discoveries make us realize how little we know and how small we are in the immensity of the cosmos.
You see, my friend, I have developed a true passion for the science of astronomy, I have collected astronomy books, magazines, newspapers, and the most fascinating correspondence. It is now time for me to share with you my great scientific adventure and offer you “My Scrapbook of the Universe.” But be careful! Don’t ever think that I have all the answers… Remember, while each passing day brings new discoveries, it also brings new questions.
Happy reading and—most of all—never forget to ask questions. Never stop wondering about all the possible answers…
Professor Genius
Dear Professor Genius,
Paris, April 23, 2003
The first thirty pages of your scrapbook have been sent to me. Many thanks.
I really like the sample you’ve enclosed. This scrapbook is playful, enjoyable to look at, and highly instructive.
I would, however, like to remark on one point: I think it is necessary to round off the numbers cited. This will make it easier for readers to see and to remember the sizes and distances of things. For example, on page 18, it would be clearer if you stated that one light-year is equivalent to 6,000 billion miles (10,000 billion km).
I wish you great success upon the publication of your scrapbook.
My friend Hubert Reeves is a brilliant astrophysicist of international repute as well as an admirable writer. Author of numerous books about the Universe, he is without a doubt one of the greatest scientists of our time.
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My scrapbook of the universe (by Professor Genius)
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The characters in Professor Genius’s universe, except for Mr. Hubert Reeves and those mentioned in the Acknowledgments, are pur e fantasy. Any resemblance to actual living persons is entirely coincidental. Although the facts they contain are accurate, the newspaper articles, old letters, books and magazines drawn from the professor’s personal collection are all products of the imaginations of the creators of this scrapbook.
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