TBH: 51 True Story Collabs

TBH: 51 True Story Collabs


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Hunter March and his creator friends get honest about what they got right -- and more often what they got wrong -- in TBH: 51 True Story Collabs.
Featuring stories from Alex Aiono, Jenn McAllister, Meg DeAngelis, Lauren Elizabeth, The Merrell Twins, Claudia Sulewski, Andrew Lowe, Aspyn Ovard, Cimorelli, Rebecca Black, Ryan Abe, Alexis G. Zall, Rickey Thompson, Meghan Tonjes, Maddy Whitby, Monica Sherer, Lex Lee, and Aija Mayrock.
Hunter March has made a career out of interviewing creators about their lives all while putting his own life on the internet too. But what happens when the cameras turn off? Crushes turn to relationships and parents get divorced. Friendships are made and hearts are broken. Tests get flunked and dreams come true. Sometimes creators' real lives happen off-screen, and in TBH: 51 True Story Collabs, they happen on the page.
With thousands of videos and millions of views, it might seem like they've got all the answers. But no one knows it all, so they've collabed to get a little closer to figuring it out. Because TBH, growing up is tough and sometimes you need a little help from your friends.



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Published 25 April 2017
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I had a hard time deciding who to dedicate this boo k to, then I took inspiration from my friend and fellow author Jenn McAllister who ded icated her book to her mother …
This book is also dedicated to Jenn’s mother.
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Hi! My name is Hunter March, and you may know me from any one of the thousands of videos I’ve put up on YouTube. Whether it be my daily news show, that time I got surprised by baby animals, or even when I made my girlfriend cry watching a sad commercial together, I’ve been online for a long time. And at this point I know a lot about the internet, but TBH, for a long time, I didn’t know what TBH stood for.
(At one point I thought it meant total-bodyhigh five. It doesn’t … because that’s not a thing.)
TBH simply meansto be honest.That one phrase, though, can be used in a ton of different ways. For example, it can be used to reveal some random thought you have, like, TBH,total-body high fivesare basically just hugs, right? It can also be used to comment on something or someone, like, TBH, you look amazing with this book in your hands.Orit can be used to reveal something about yourself that you might not reveal otherwise like, TBH, I can’t believe you’re reading this book right now.
If you had told me when I was growing up that Scholastic would want me to write a book giving advice toanyone, I would have laughed, then continued not doing my homework. I used to think that giving advice was reserved for people who were perfect, and those who did things well ALL the time. But’s that not true, and it’s definitely not why I’m writing this. No, I’m giving this advice because when I was growing up Ineededit …badly.
TBH, I’ve made some mistakes … okay, a LOT of mistakes. But with every one of those experiences I’ve learned something. I’ve fallen in love, been cheated on, and managed to fall in love all over again. I’ve been bullied, I’vebeena bully, and I’ve since figured out the difference between funny and mean. I’ve hadzero subscribers, worked my butt off, and now I’m the face of anawesomecompany with millions of subscribers.
When I was younger, I would yell at girls across the playground becausefor some reasonI thought they liked that. When I was younger, I would wear a beanie to bed because I thought it would make my ears not stick out as much. When I was younger, no one would ever pick me to be their lab partner because I didn’t havemany friends.
I know, that last paragraph took a quick turn, butthat’s what life is. It’s a collection of quick turns that eventually lead somewhere great, but until you get there, the ride can be scary. And while you can’t hide in a corner and avoid everything, you can be just a little more prepared for anything that comes up, and that’s what you’re holding in your hands right now (or reading via telepathic chip in your brain if this is post-2025).
TBH, this book is a collection of stories about all the things I got wrong and, most important, what Ilearnedfrom those mistakes. Now I’m sharing them (painfully at times) with the hope that if you go through anything similar, you’ll have a road map to make the journey a lot easier.
But, TBH, I don’t have stories about everything thatyoumight experience. Like, believe it or not, I haven’t had my first period yet. And I’m starting to doubt I ever will. So it’s for those stories that I’ve turned this book into something bigger than just me. Over the past two years I’ve asked my friends and fellow influencers for their stories, and now this book has become a melting pot of “Whoa! Thatreally happened?”
Between the variety of people in this book, some who you already love, and some who you will soon fall in love with, there are experiences that will speak to everyone. So whether you picked this book up because of a name you recognized on the cover, because you just needed a story right now, or because you thought this was a book of total-body high fives, I hope that you can take away as much from these stories as we did awkwardly experiencing them.
Finally, books helped me so much growing up, whether it was a fictional character I saw myself in or a self-help book that answered all my questions. I’ve always appreciated the power of stories. Because of that, I’ve asked Scholastic to donate a book to Pajama Program for up to 50,000 copies of this book sold—and they actually agreed. So as you read this book, either with your eyes or that telepathic chip in your mind, know that you’ve given a story to someone who may not have one otherwise.
TBH means more than all of this, though. It means saying what needs to be said, even if it hurts. It means being yourself even when being someone else sounds so much easier. It means accepting everyone, holding no hate in your heart, and being thankful for the life you were given and, TBH, I know you can do that.
Thank you,
Hunter March