The Night of Courage (Melowy #3)

The Night of Courage (Melowy #3)


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The Defense Techniques teacher tests the girls on their survival skills, leaving them in the Forest of Colors overnight. They use a manual she has left them to build shelter and cook dinner. Electra wanders from the group in the night and gets lost, sending the rest of the Melowies on a mission to find her. They split up and use different skills to pass the test. Upon returning to Destino they learn that the missing Melowy was all part of the test of frienship. They all passed with flying colors, even with their rival Melowy Eris trying to foil their plans.



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Published 30 January 2018
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Imagine a magical land wrapped in golden light. A p lanet in a distant galaxy beyond the known stars. This enchanted place is known as A ura, and it is very special. For Aura is home to the pegasus, a winged horse with a colorful mane and coat. The pegasuses of Aura come from four ancient island realms that lie within Aura’s enchanted oceans: the Winter Realm of Amethy st Island, the Spring Realm of Emerald Island, the Day Realm of Ruby Island, and the Night Realm of Sapphire Island. A selected number from each realm are born with a s ymbol on their wings and a hidden magical power. These are the Melowies. When their magic beckons them in a dream, all Melow ies leave their island homes to answer the call. They must attend school a t the Castle of Destiny, a legendary castle hidden in a sea of clouds, where they will learn all about their hidden powers. Destiny is a place where friendships are born, where Melowies find their courage, and where they discover the true mag ic inside themselves!