Top 8: Book 1

Top 8: Book 1




Social networking sites are THE place to be for today's teens -- this fun, juicy novel explores the ups, downs, and scandals of a group of friends online!
Madison MacDonald is seriously freaking out
Madison MacDonald
Putnam, CT
Status: Single?
About Me:
Everything in my life was working out. I had my three best friends, a brand-new boyfriend, and the lead in the school play. Aside from that history paper I hadn't started, things felt perfect.
Then I returned from spring break to find my Friendverse profile hacked. Someone clearly out to ruin me had spilled the most damaging secrets - AND posted the worst photos of me ever taken - online.



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Published 01 October 2010
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FOR AMALIA, BFF extraordinaire
“My…page is all totally pimped out, got people begging for my Top 8 spaces.” —“Weird Al” Yankovic
FRIENDVERSE…for your galaxy of friends
Madison MacDonald is off to the Galápagos for spring break!
Female 16 years old Putnam, CT United States
Status: Taken by Justin
Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane/Lenin and McCarthy (co ver) Quote: “So long, farewell!” — The Von Trapp kids
Last login: 3/23
Madison MacDonald’s Blog
Going to the Galápagos for spring break!
Thanx for voting for me for class secretary! I prom ise I won’t let you down!
Join the pledge to get Mr. Underwood to stop wearin g the toupee
My brother is a Demon Spawn
About Me
General: I love plays, traveling, perfect playlists, SweeTarts (not the blue ones. Why are they even in there?), Diet Coke, and my friends. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a long walk on the beach.
Music: Lenin and McCarthy, Stockholm Syndrome, Call Me Kevin, Tickle-Me Emo, Jason Robert Brown
Movies: Pride and Prejudice (all versions!), Mean Girls, Clueless, Bring It On, Some Like It Hot, Match Poin t, Grease 2, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Television: SATC, Ultimate Home Makeover, Model/Citizen
Anything Austen, Twilight, Sarah Dessen, Maureen Jo hnson, Tom Stoppard, V.C. Andrews, Joan Didion
Idols: My fantastic friends!!! Also, Oprah
Education:High School Graduated:Not yet
Who’s in my Friendverse? 349 friends
Madison’s Comments Displaying 21 of 66
RueRue You changed your status!! And I see you updated you r Top 8 — and put Justin in the number one spot! I guess this means you two lovebirds are official!
Bonjour, Lisse! Did you know that lovebirds are called “les inséparables” en Français?
Shy Time Wasn’t that a musical?
Shy Time Oh, lesmiserables.Thanx, Mad. But OMG, congrats!
Bonjour, Lisse! You’re going where? For ALL of spring break?
Shy Time The what-a-gos?
RueRue Galápagos Islands From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of volcani c islands distributed around the equator, 965 kilometers (about 600 miles) west of c ontinental Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean (0° N 91° W). The group consists of 13 main islands, 6 smaller islands, and 107 rocks and islets.
Bonjour, Lisse! OMG. That’s horrifying. Why are you going there? Po urquoi?
dudeyouregettingame No, Madison, if there is going to be heat, sand, an d multiple airplane rides, I would
not recommend bringing your very fragile computer. I can only fix it so many times. Not a good idea, unless you’re TRYING to break it. Which actually would explain a lot. — Dell
the8rgrrl Have a good spring break, Madison. Don’t forget to run your lines forDane.I’m off-book already. It’s an understudy’s job…
Brian (not Ed) McMahon Mad, it was awesome that you came to my party on Sa turday. Just don’t post any more pics in your album, okay? I’m kinda in trouble about it, and I don’t need proof on the interwebs.
Kittson For the last time, Madison, the prom theme is NOT g oing to be “Prom It Like It’s Hot.” As prom chairperson, I have to say that your unwillingness to compromise on a theme has been very distressing. We’re reconvening the Tuesday after spring break to lock down a theme. If you can’t attend, you’re o ff the committee. Sorry!
Vote4Connor! Okay, Madison, I’m conceding the election. I guess you won. But the recount was necessary in order to move forward. And I thought n ow that we aren’t competitors, you might want to go out sometime. I hadn’t realize d you were going out with what’s-his-face. So never mind.
ginger_snap Hey Mad, I just finished the sketches for your costumes! They’re going to look gr8!!
JimmynLiz Have fun on spring break, Mads! We’ll miss you!
JimmynLiz That was both of us.
pizzadude Have a rocking SB. It’ll be nice not to get any req uests for pineapple pizza for a few weeks. ;)
Bonjour, Lisse! Au revoir, mon amie! Je me souviendrai de toi!
Shy Time